Gloves and Mask and Skin Irritations

Mask and Gloves and Skin Irritations – mLet’s face it – in the last few months, our lives have been altered in ways we could have never imagined…who could have ever conceived of being quarantined at home (or as I called it, (house arrest!) and literally watch the whole country shut down around you? During this time, “working from home” and “quarantine” have become our “new normal,” and not only do the days look different, but you probably do, too. Skincare and beauty woes might seem trivial compared to the global health emergency. But with salons and other non-essential businesses in many parts of the country still shut down, at-home hacks and DIY fixes have become the only option – and the results are not always pretty. Even in a crisis like this, essential daily grooming continues. Still, ever since face masks have become part of our new daily routine, new skin problems are showing up everywhere, and the focus on our skin’s health, as well as its appearance, is more critical than ever.

As a result of these new challenges, I want to share my Covid19 Skin Survival Guide! One simple fact is that condensation and irritation are everyday nuisances when wearing a surgical mask. I believe these factors are responsible for chronic skin issues such as breakouts, blackheads, and irritated cheeks, nose, and lips. Here is an essential list: