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Sunshine Botanicals – Award-Winning Beauty Brand,
World Plasma Announce a Holistic Integrative Partnership for the Aesthetics Industry

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So What is Vitamin C, and Why is it so Important to your Skin?
Sunshine Botanicals
Award-Winning Beauty Brand,
On May 10, 2022
Launches a Revolutionary New Vitamin C Topical to Treat Aging, Wrinkles,
and Restores Skin Damaged from Oncology Treatments

Sunshine Botanicals
Launches Powerful, Multi-tasking Skin Butter for Oncology Aesthetics,
On March 4, 2022

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Clinical Skin Care – From a Botanical Perspective
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Sunshine Botanicals Founder Emily Fritchey Featured In June 2008 Issue Of Cosmetic Surgery Times

Botanical Based Herbal Medicine Skincare Products addressing Inflammation, Anti-Aging, Anti-Pollution and Serious Skin Diseases such as Rosacea, Eczema, and Cancer

Bryan J. Michelow, MD, F.A.C.S.

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