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Herbal Medicine Meets Corrective Skincare
At Sunshine Botanicals, we believe in clinical skincare from a botanical perspective. We create effective, transformative products sourced straight from Mother Nature.

Emily and Phil, Sunshine Botanical's founder and CEOs.

The Love Story…

         The Herbalist and The Esthetician

Our founders, a master herbalist, and a holistic aesthetician were determined to bridge the gap between science and nature. Their goal was to develop effective alternatives for results-oriented skincare without the use of chemicals or drugs. Read more about our Love Story!

Our products are the result of true love

Our founders are a master herbalist and a holistic aesthetician, who were determined to bridge the gap between science and nature. Their goal was to develop effective alternatives for results oriented skincare without the use of chemicals or drugs. Read more about our Love Story!

As practicing herbalists, we understand the healing power of nature.  Our products are “micro-brewed” in small batches to insure freshness and potency, and all our herbal tinctures are made by hand. All tinctures are started on the beginning cycle of the new moon (utilizing age-old agricultural principles) in order to extract the maximum effect and potency of each plant or herb. The results speak for themselves.

Sunshine Botanicals takes a naturopathic approach to results oriented skin care. Our skin care systems are deeply rooted in nature – with the science to back them up.  “Micro-brewed” to insure freshness and potency, we incorporate natures’ most powerful and well researched medicinal plants, enzymes and cutting edge nutraceuticals to deliver impressive results quickly, without chemicals.

We’re ingredient snobs:  And you should be, too! We are always looking for the highest quality ingredients available for our products. Our suppliers provide us with the highest quality raw materials available, both certified and non-certified organic. Because our ingredients are wild-crafted, we simply look for the absolute best Mother Nature has to offer.

What About Star Ingredients? Our products are not built around “star” ingredients surrounded by bland fillers. Instead, Sunshine Botanicals products are complex, synergistic formulas based on knowledge of ingredients and the chemistry of the skin. Although “star” ingredients may be found in some of Sunshine Botanicals formulations, they will always be blended with complementary ingredients (enzymes, amino acids, and botanical extracts) that provide a more balanced and nourishing formula.

Gravel Root
We’re All About Results: Sunshine Botanicals  incorporates the latest in skin care research and technology, and incorporates this knowledge with old-world natural medicine to create a highly effective treatment line.  Our products are concentrated – a little goes along way. And we want you to see results! If you ever have questions about which products are right or you, you can always work with The Skin Whisperer herself to create a bespoke skincare routine straight from nature to you.

Nothing Toxic-Ever:  All our products are plant-based. They are preserved with essential oils, powerful antioxidants and exceptional antimicrobial extracts. This means that we can omit harmful chemicals for preservation that can be estrogen mimickers. You will never find artificial coloring agents, parabens or fragrances in our formulas.

Happy Customers!

“The ingredients in this line are real. The results are real. I am just the result of “finding the truth” in the beauty industry – and incorporating the right formulations from the inside-out.”
Courtney Holden

Finally, I can most assuredly thank you for your genuine concern to those who use your products. You want victory over unhealthy skin as much as those who experience it.
Kevin Bair

For years I’ve been stripping my skin with all the heavy-hitter products, but after your system, it feels soft and supple. Plus your personalized service and willingness to answer all my questions has me hooked!
Renee Geerlings

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