Meet the Team

Herbal Medicine Meets Corrective Skincare

Emily Fritchey

Founder/President, Formulator/Visionary

Emily is a Holistic Skin Therapist whose cutting-edge approach to dramatic skin transformation has made her not only a respected trendsetter among her peers in the field of aesthetics and cosmetic surgery, but an award-winning product formulator and expert on the use and application of herbal medicine and botanical skin treatments for aging and problem skin conditions. View Emily’s Media Bio 

Martha Bowers

Martha Bowers

COO and Chief Consultant

Growing and developing companies from within. Managing the Operations of Sunshine Botanicals during a period of such dynamic growth is a privilege.

As a strategic partner, operations leader, and project manager who develops and implements programs, processes, and procedures to sustain operational success. Over 20 years of expertise in delivering strong leadership and team management in support of increasing profit.

Excellent problem-solving, organizational, and analytical skills, with attention to delivering quality. Detail-oriented and prioritizes multiple simultaneous responsibilities. Extremely motivated and collaborates effectively with technical and non-technical stakeholders.

Adaptable to changing priorities and tight deadlines. Results-oriented, customer-focused, and committed to process improvement. Builds and sustains strong relationships. Also, I support staff training throughout all levels of the company.

Understanding how all the pieces work together is crucial to the formula for achieving revenue goals and long-term growth.


Tina Harrill CFO, Sunshine Botanicals

Tina Harrill

Chief Financial Officer 

Tina Harrill is responsible for all things finance and administration for Sunshine Botanicals. She plays a crucial role in streamlining Sunshine Botanicals finance and accounting departments to ensure the financial resources and structure necessary to support our exponential growth.

Tina’s experience and expertise is highly beneficial to Sunshine Botanicals, and her proven track record  of success is key to our brands long term goals and objectives.

She is a graduate of GA State University with a dual degree in Accounting and Finance, and before joining Sunshine Botanicals, and was instrumental in the brand growth of Goody Products, a division of Rubbermaid where she managed the marketing budget and worked closely with the new product development team and is a perfect fit for our growth trajectory…

On a personal note, Tina has a sincere passion for our mission, and is a total “foodie” and wine enthusiast who loves to cook and combine healing herbs and plants in her original recipes!

Tina’s sense of humor is so unique – and her positive and optimistic outlook brings out the very best in all our team that helps continue our supportive team environment of creativity, support and encouragement.

Jennifer Boswell

Jennifer Laycoax

Customer Service, Distribution, and Marketing

Jennifer has grown with Sunshine Botanicals since 2010 and is very detail-oriented and has the ability to laser focus on important details in our supply chain to get fresh products out the door to our customers quickly.  She so multi-talented also shines in our social media marketing.

She is loyal, highly trusted, and a very important part of the Sunshine Botanicals family and vision team!

What ignites Jennifer’s passion is having the influence to help share our products with the world helping people. She has a huge passion for beauty, fashion, and her family.

She loves listening to music and antique shopping. Her daily loves include 3 children and her dog Chunky… (and the Georgia Bulldogs). GO DAWGS!!

Amber Wade

Amber Wade


Amber is a remarkable young woman who brings her creative sides to our marketing department. She is coming up through the ranks of our company to expand our reach to multi-generational audiences. Her responsibility is to help broaden our social media platforms.

Art has always been the central theme of her life, and her lifelong study of fine arts, fashion, and beauty led to a career as a make-up artist. She was fascinated by how powerful this art form was when it came to bringing characters to life in the theatre and views life through a very creative lens!

All of these experiences come together beautifully as she continues to grow in this exciting, fast-paced position.


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