The Love Story

The Herbalist and the Esthetician
… true love, truly botanical.

Emily and Phil, Sunshine Botanical's founder and CEOs.

Sunshine Botanicals® is the result of a passionate collaborative vision to create cutting-edge skincare products with the healing power of nature.  My late husband, Dr. Phil Fritchey was the gifted herbalist and wildcrafter who understood the chronic inflammatory conditions clients were experiencing as they came into my clinic. His deep understanding of plant medicine and utter compassion for people prompted him to create a skin healing serum that was so effective, it ultimately led to the creation of Sunshine Botanical®

The science behind our products has been around for centuries, and is based on age-old herbal wisdom, solid science.  Our products were originally created by Dr. Philip Fritchey, a naturally gifted herbalist and Naturopath who learned the basics of herbal medicine from his grandmother as a child that led to his true calling in life, wildcrafting ingredients and making herbal medicine.  This deep understanding of plant energies comes into clear focus in every original Sunshine Botanicals® skin care formula.

Brought to you with love...

Since we began in 2006, literally thousands of people have been affected by our mission and commitment to transform the world face at a time!