Oncology Skincare

Cancer is a scary word. And it comes with other scary words: chemotherapy, radiation, oncology. These words are clinical, scientific, loaded.

But, as with any diagnosis, we must face these “cancer-words” head-on, just as we must face a diagnosis and then treatment.

At Sunshine Botanicals®, we strive to make the safest, cleanest, most effective products on the market today. That means using botanical ingredients to create targeted skincare solutions. This is exactly why our products are perfect for oncology skincare.

Cancer is a total game-changer when it comes to skincare. Not only are you focusing on purging synthetic, toxic ingredients from your lifestyle after a cancer diagnosis, but you’re suddenly needing to focus on soothing, healing and regenerating your skin. We believe in working with your body’s natural functions during cancer treatment, not against them. Our products support and promote soothing enflamed skin, healing chapped, cracked or damaged skin, and regenerating healthy skin cells.

The side effects of chemotherapy and radiation include fragile, itchy and very dry skin, rashes, radiation burns, and dermatitis. And, of course, cancer treatments, namely chemotherapy, and radiation, can interfere with your nervous system causing you to develop strange reactions to products and ingredients that never bothered you before. By choosing products made with Mother Nature’s finest ingredients, you are helping to mitigate your body’s burden during treatment, taking small steps towards healing naturally.

Sunshine Botanicals® was founded at the intersection of natural medicine, holistic skin therapy, and clinical aesthetics. We’re all about corrective skincare – from a botanical perspective. Whether you’ve just been diagnosed, have been fighting for a long time, are in remission, or are just looking for the healthiest, cleanest skincare you can find, you’re in the right place. Check out our Oncology Collection – featuring our safest, cleanest products designed for compromised skin. Or, reach out to us at Info@SunshineBotanicals.com so we can work with your specific needs to put together the perfect protocol.

Most importantly, from our heart to yours, we wish you all the best. We hope for a speedy recovery if you’re in treatment, a long remission if you’re out of treatment, and for a healthy future filled with gorgeous, youthful skin!