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Welcome to our Testimonials page! At Sunshine Botanicals®, we are dedicated to crafting skincare products using the finest wildcrafted botanical ingredients. Our customers’ experiences and feedback are a testament to the effectiveness and quality of our products. Read on to discover how our unique formulations have transformed their skin and enhanced their natural beauty. We hope these testimonials inspire you to embark on your own journey to healthier, radiant skin with Sunshine Botanicals®.

"After meeting Emily and experiencing her skin care procedures and products...'"

After meeting Emily and experiencing her skin care procedures and products I would have never dreamed how well my skin improved. I’m an outdoorsman… hunting, fishing, motorcyclist, ect.
Let me say that I really never thought about the need for skincare, but after years of abuse, you notice with aging that it’s a little more difficult to clean up. Lol, No, I didn’t turn in my man card, I just needed to realize I needed help.

Jeff Cherney

"If you have stumbled upon this botanical skin care line, consider it 'divine intervention.'"

My name is Courtney, and I came upon this natural approach to skin care because of a 7-year eating disorder that nearly took my life.  I tried to hide my bulimia and anorexia from anyone who I came in contact with.  The one thing I could not hide was my inflamed skin. 

My skin hurt my self-confidence in every way possible.  Every morning, I woke up to see a red face with swollen eyes.  I was developing cystic acne that was leaving scars on my face.  I knew there was an internal “root” to my skin condition, but until I could get a grip on my emotions, I just wanted a quick fix to “conceal” my body’s yearning cry for proper treatment. So I piled on the concealer…day in and day out.

My life changed the day I found Sunshine Botanicals at a local retailer in my area…a natural healing and wellness center to be specific.  I was there looking for some kind of mineral makeup for skin correction, but there was not a concealer powerful enough to create the illusion that I had pretty skin.  When I saw Sunshine Botanicals on the shelf and I thought, “What else do I have to lose?”   I wasn’t familiar with the company, so I went immediately to the website to learn more. After looking around the site for a while, I contacted Emily Fritchey, founder of Sunshine Botanicals, to see if she had any specific suggestions that might help me.  As I explained my story to her and the brutal symptoms my skin condition presented, I  learned some very interesting facts that no one else had ever shared with me.

First, I thought I knew how to cleanse my skin … obviously I did not! She explained in depth the whys and “how to” for effective and deep cleansing, as well as what ingredients were necessary to effectively treat my condition. This helped me understand how everything I had used before to clear my skin never was able to get into the deeper layers – where healing begins – and would just lay on the surface, making my congested skin worse!  She outlined a simple but powerful program for me that included ingredients I had never heard of … definitely not like anything else I had ever used.  She incorporated healing serums, potent antioxidants, and very deep cleansing that were specific for my needs. I was blown away by the fact that after using this program for only one day, the results were miraculous! Sunshine Botanicals acne program was the beginning of a life-changing transformation for me…

Shortly after discovering these products, I found out that Emily would be holding a seminar close to my hometown.  I was one of the first to sign up.  I knew that someone who put this type of attention and the highest quality of healing ingredients into each one of her products has got to be astounding herself.  The seminar was powerful in teaching me the power of each product.  At the seminar, Emily handed me a book, The Truth About Beauty by Kat James, and my life has never been the same.  This book provided me with simple and accurate information for correcting the nutritional imbalances resulting from my eating disorder, and Sunshine Botanicals gave me the tools to correct and heal the surface damage. These two ladies have the empowering tools for any life-changing transformation.

With the knowledge I gained through The Truth About Beauty and the results I saw with Sunshine Botanicals, in a matter of one month, my skin became clear and radiant.  It is rare that I step out of the house and do not get noticed by the way I “glow.”  The mirror has now become a friend and reflects the “real me.”    Like everyone else, my skin requires some adjustment with the change of seasons, and the Sunshine Botanicals line has made this transition so simple for me.

I can guarantee you will never see me at another make-up counter looking for the “miracle” cream.  The ingredients in this line are real. The results are real.  I am just the result of “finding the truth” in the beauty industry – and incorporating the right formulations from the inside out.

Courtney Holden
Knoxville, Tennessee

How Our Products Combat Persistent Acne

Acne – Before

Acne – After











This client had been dealing with chronic persistent acne for 3 1/2 years. She had used oral antibiotics, birth control pills, and various topical antibacterial treatments to clear this frustrating condition. When her doctor suggested Accutane, she decided to explore alternative methods and came to my clinic to explore her options. Blackheads, whiteheads, and some cysts were present. The red, patchy areas on the surrounding skin appeared to be fungal in nature. A detailed lifestyle and health history revealed many factors needing to be addressed that were contributing to this ongoing problem. Long-term use of oral antibiotics, as well as birth control pills, contributed to candida (yeast) that was also affecting her energy levels and produced red irritation on the surface of the skin. In addition, she had developed bladder infections during that time, as is often the case when antibiotics are overused and disrupt the friendly bacteria in the gut, leading to systemic yeast infections.


To achieve the results you see here, she made a few simple lifestyle changes that included daily juicing (green Juices predominantly), an herbal colon cleanse, lots of Probiotics, eliminated gluten and sugar from her diet, and followed the topical protocol outlined that follows…This combined approach of internal and topical cleansing and detoxification not only cleared her skin but dramatically improved her energy, brightened her eyes, and was a serious turnaround for her skin and her health. “The Truth About Beauty,” – an influential book by Kat James, was her nutrition “bible” and was just the book she needed to turn this long-standing condition around. I combined red and blue LED light therapy and energy/frequency to our plant-based topicals twice daily, combining the power of MYSKINBUDDY™ along with a plant-based skin resurfacing peel (Pumpkin Power Peel), and along with her commitment to the lifestyle changes and consistency with her daily skincare routine listed below, these were accomplished within in 9 weeks. Her protocol is as follows:

Once a Week

Pumpkin Power Peel System




"... my dark spotted scars on my cheek ... were gone!"

Emily, thank you SO MUCH for your skin care recommendations. I met you at the Emmy’s Awards Suites in Beverly Hills last month and I have used your basic regimen and the Enlight-10  for only 3 days before my husband made a comment that my skin looked much better.  A couple days after that,  one of my best friends commented that my dark spotted scars on my cheek (from a terrible dermatologist) were gone!  Now when I look in the mirror, I can see that the texture of my skin is plumping, fine lines disappearing and all my blemishes have cleared.  For years I’ve been stripping my skin with all the heavy-hitter products, but after your system it feels soft and supple, not tight and it doesn’t OVER produce oil afterwards.  Plus your personalized service and willingness to answer all my questions have me hooked!  Thank you SO MUCH!  I’m telling everyone I know about your products!
Renee Geerlings
Valencia, CA

"I had not expected to see/feel results so immediately..."

I am so pleased with your products and it is only the first day of use!  Thank you so much for your guidance and advice.  The package came yesterday evening and this morning I used the Cleanse and Clear Exfoliating Cleanser as a “shampoo”  per your recommendation for my scalp dermatitis and felt instant relief.  Thank you so much!  I had not expected to see/feel results so immediately; I thought it might take a few days or so.  I am so delighted with your products.

Holly Lerner


"...my skin looks better than it ever has!"

Just wanted you to know that at age 58, my skin looks better than it ever has!  I have been using your Cleanse & Clear and Bio-Peptide Brightening Serum, and not only is my skin tighter and firmer, but the mild Rosacea flush and blotchiness has cleared as well.  Thank You!

Jim Fixler, Cleveland, Ohio

"...my skin has never felt so clean!"

I am really enjoying your skin cleansing products!  They are so wonderfully refreshing and my skin has never felt so clean!  I have had such success with these products. Please understand, I don’t have problem skin or any real tough issues, but your products have enabled me not to wear makeup and have pretty, fresh looking skin and helps me feel good about myself.  I would highly recommend them since they don’t have the harsh preservative components. I feel that they are very beneficial and safe to use, so that will not pull down the whole body health.  I believe we really need to take a hard look at all of the chemicals we put on our skin daily and understand how the toxic effects many chemicals and synthetic preservatives pull down our immune systems. I believe that starting with healthy facial cleansing products is a start to BETTER HEALTH  !!

Myrna Schmidt – Inman, Kansas

Lipid Booster + Poison Ivy

I was working in the front courtyard last week and contracted poison ivy.  A rash appeared all around my right wrist.  I applied your Lipid Booster on the entire area.  No itching!  I was amazed.  Almost one week later, still, no irritation, and the poison ivy is almost gone.  What a great product for garden use!

Donna Noel, Pittsburgh, Pa.

"I feel so blessed to have a product ... that is pure and natural and works better than anything on the market."



Thank you again for creating Sunshine Botanicals. I feel so blessed to have a product I can offer my clients that is pure and natural and works better than anything on the market. Thanks to you I have a chemical-free skincare line I feel passionate about sharing with others. The results I see are amazing and my clients love the changes they see in their skin. Business is booming! My clients are looking so great that their friends have noticed and want to come for facials too!

Please know how much I appreciate you and your phenomenal product!

Thank you!!

Melanie B


"... what an incredible difference your products have made for my oily, problem skin."

I just have to tell you what an incredible difference your products have made for my oily, problem skin.  When I say oily, I mean extremely oily.  I have tried SO many products… all with disappointing results.  I have tried ProActive, Clinique, Arbonne (that’s big around where I live), and several other lines offered through TV infomercials, all promising miracles.  Not one made an impact on my oiliness.  Just to give you an idea of how oily I was,  in less than 30 minutes after using these “miracle” products, my face would need to be blotted to stop the shine.  This continued throughout the day.  I first heard about your products from an aesthetician at a local spa.  She told me that if I only did one thing for my skin, it had to be your Cleanse and Clear Exfoliating Cleanser!  Her enthusiasm was so sincere I had to try it.  The results I experienced were so impressive I decided to try some of your other products.  I found your  Acne Protocol on your website and ordered it that day.  The change in my skin has been dramatic, and I am so thrilled to have finally found something that really works!  The fact that you do this without harsh chemicals is amazing.

Also, I want to tell you how impressed I am with you, personally.  It is so obvious that you love what you do and that you know what you are doing. You genuinely care about the people you serve and are so different from other companies who just want to sell a ton of products just to make money. I appreciate your genuine caring about my needs and I will continue to tell others about your company.  Thank you for producing such great products. Keep up the great work!

Dena Baysden

How Sunshine Botanicals Fights Visible Signs Of Aging

This image clearly illustrates the how severe the effects of environmental damage and high oxidative stress levels contribute to the breakdown of collagen in the skin and dramatically accelerate the aging process.  This client lived in southern California, never used sunblock, and was a smoker throughout her adult life.  At close examination of the skin, in addition to the discoloration, deep wrinkles, and lack of tone, you will notice a small, spiky type growth appearing on the left side of her nose.

Medically speaking, this is referred to as a cutaneous horn.  That means it is an aberrant, localized build-up of dead keratin protein cells.  Unusual, yes.  Disfiguring, definitely!   Even more astonishing, her age?  61? Understanding that skin with this much degeneration and damage has progressed to an almost impossible point of no return, we believe the “after” photo illustrates an impressive improvement in the pre-existing condition.  The fact that these results were entirely achieved without using chemicals or invasive skin procedures is remarkable.

The really GREAT news?  These results were achieved in only eight weeks…   The program she followed, and the products she used are outlined as follows:

Pumpkin Power Peel System

Daily Routine:

  • Cleanse and Clear
  • Cellular Renewal Mist
  • Bio-Peptide Brightening Serum
  • Bio Peptide Firming Cream
  • Liquid 02 Extreme Eye Repair
  • Lipid Booster Biodynamic Facial Oil
  • Total Eclipse BB Cream


  • Pre-Cleanse and Detox
  • Cleanse and Clear
  • Cellular Renewal Mist
  • Bio-Peptide Brightening Serum
  • Bio Peptide Firming Cream
  • Liquid 02 Extreme Eye Repair
  • Lipid Booster Biodynamic Facial Oil
"...thank you for everything you have done for me."

Dear Emily, My name is Laurie Grayson.  I am the one you did a skin treatment on at Lea’s Natural Health Solutions in Knoxville, TN on January 17, 2006.  I just had to write to you and thank you for everything you have done for me. I know without a doubt that the Lord used you to answer my prayer. I am 36 years old and have had this condition since I was about 14.  There was always some weird skin thing going on with me. I had been to different dermatologists, had the Obaji Peel, spent thousands of dollars on different cosmetic lines, talked to people in the natural health profession, read books about it, you name it, I did it.   All these years, I thought it was Rosacea.  I even bought a book about that, too.

Ever since I began using your products, my face is getting smoother and smoother.  The redness is even going away some. I did my first pumpkin peel today, and you should have seen the white stuff coming out of my pores.  It even looked like more stuff than when you did my skin the first time.  That greasy, waxy texture is melting away. My quest for the perfect skin care is finally over.  You have a customer for life.  I just wish I knew what caused this condition in the first place so I don’t repeat whatever it was that started all this. I do believe that this is an inflammatory response to something that is going on in my body. My doctor recently diagnosed another inflammatory condition in my body and personally I think all this is connected.  I think the Lord has shown me some of the puzzle. I know one day he will show me the rest of it.

Gratefully Yours, Laurie Grayson
P.S.  My mom even cried when she saw the improvement in my skin….

"I love, love, love your products!!!!!"

Emily, I just wanted to send a short note to let you know that I love, love, love your products!!!!! I am 45 and started to really notice the fine lines, wrinkles, and some age spots. My sister-in-law referred me to your products, and I started with the Ageless Collection Kit. I have been using Sunshine Botanicals for almost two months now and have seen a remarkable difference in my skin. My family and fiancé have noticed how good my skin is, too. Thank you for such great products! I’m looking forward to trying more of them. I also appreciate the time you spent talking with me about the products, what would be best for me, and how to use them! Keep up the great work!

I’m looking forward to a long relationship with you and Sunshine Botanicals!


"...the color and softness of my skin is beautiful!"

I just have to tell you what has happened to my skin.  I have only been using your products for 2 weeks and the results I have experienced are noticeable even to others.  My friends say I look different…so rested.  What have you done different?  Well, as an emergency room trauma nurse, I can’t exactly say the “rest” was the answer.  Since I’ve been using your products, the lines (especially around my eyes and mouth) have begun to diminish, and the color and softness of my skin is beautiful!  I just have to say “thank you” for creating such an effective and clean line skincare that does what you said it would and more!  Blessings to you!

Pam Daniel,  Austell, GA 

"Thank you for such great products!"

Emily, I just wanted to send a short note to let you know that I love, love, love your products!!!!!  I am 45 and have started to really notice the fine lines, wrinkles, and some age spots.  My sister-in-law referred me to your products, and I started with the Transformation package.  I have been using the Sunshine Botanicals for almost two months now and have seen a remarkable difference in my skin.  My family and fiancé’ have noticed how good my skin is, too.

Thank you for such great products!  I am looking forward to trying more of them.  I also appreciate the time you spent talking with me about the products, what would be best for me, and how to use them!

Keep up the great work!  I am looking forward to a long relationship with you and Sunshine Botanicals!

Joy Young Berteotti –  West Sunbury, PA

"I experience definite results and my blemish problem cleared very quickly."

Hi Emily,

About seven years ago, I contracted chicken pox.  It was the second time for me, so for those who say you can’t get it twice in a lifetime, I can tell you otherwise!  Chickenpox is bad enough as an adult, but to compound things, I came down with a life-threatening staph infection.  As a result, I was required to take an extremely potent antibiotic injection for six straight weeks.

About a year later, fully recovered from the maladies, I began to experience an outbreak of pimples on my nose.  Though small, they would be extremely red.  “Blemishes” is not a strong enough word to describe how uncomfortably noticeable they were.

I’ve never had the greatest skin, even as an adult, but this was different.  It never let up….one pustule would go away only for another to take its place.  I eventually went to a dermatologist who diagnosed me with Rosacea.  He put me on a topical gel and oral antibiotic.

The gel was ineffective, and I had already had my share of antibiotics and stomach problems that go with it to know this wouldn’t work.  Frustrated and determined to find a better way to treat this issue, I came across your website during my research on the Internet.

After contacting you personally via your site and expressing my unique needs, you suggested I try your Cleanse & Clear Exfoliation Wash, Redness Relief Bar (alternating their use AM and PM) Rapid Repair Fluid, and Hydrating Recovery Mist.   I experienced definite results, and my blemish problem cleared very quickly. However, I felt like I was winning the battle but losing the war….  My skin would begin to clear but redness and spots would soon return.

Thank goodness you weren’t completely satisfied either, Emily!  You took the time to discuss my Rosacea condition over the phone with me and turned your attention to the internal, rather than just the external, root of the problem.  You suggested Probiotics, Oregon Grape, and ALJ (herbal extracts and immune builders) to address the probable yeast/candida link to my condition. Items that came from another company – items you don’t sell.  You cared enough about my condition to share it with me regardless if it made you a profit or not.

After several months now, I have seen drastic improvement.  My skin is not perfect, but the redness on my nose is substantially subdued.  Keep in mind I have been trying to find a solution for almost seven years, and this is the best condition my skin has been in.  Whether my skin took a turn for the worse when I got chicken pox, the staph infection, or taking the antibiotic, I can’t say for sure, but I believe there was a connection.  I can say for sure the combination of treatment with your external products and the internal ones has definitely put me on a positive healing path.

Finally, I can most assuredly thank you for your genuine concern to those who use your products.  You want victory over unhealthy skin as much as those who experience it.


Kevin Bair
Boynton Beach FL

I had a biopsy done in two places on my skin!

Great products … all the products are amazing ❤️ I had a biopsy done in two places on my skin! This product along with rapid repair balm, helped my skin heal beautifully !!

Susan Knudson

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