The Dry Brush: Made from pure, natural plant fibers. This brush exfoliates and sweeps away dry, dead skin layers to reveal smoother, healthier, glowing skin.
Purifying Body Polish: Purifying Body Wash will exfoliate your skin from head to toe and infuse dull, dry skin with vital nutrients from the sea… laminaria algae and a triple blend of seaweed extracts restore a youthful look and healthy *glow’ to the entire body. Our fine pumice and unique blend of sea salts will slough off layers of rough skin while rich nutrients will nourish and restore dry, aging skin.
Bodylixir Firming Body Oil: This nutrient-dense skin quencher is packed with laminaria seaweed extract and restores vital moisture to thirsty, parched skin and leaves it soft, supple, and absolutely gorgeous! Chock full of minerals, vitamins, and omega-3 fatty acids, this elegant formula also contains therapeutic levels of bakuchiol – which is a botanical form of Retin-A that will minimize wrinkles, loss of elasticity, and photo damage.
Brightening Body Cream: This elegant hydrating cream/serum penetrates the skin immediately, provides much-needed protection from daily environmental assault, and restores balanced moisture levels with no greasy residue. This deeply nourishing cream/serum delivers high levels of DNA-repairing enzymes (Artemia Salina: plankton), mineral-rich red algae, and vital marine nutrients to penetrate deep into the epidermis to help repair dry, environmentally damaged skin and restore balanced moisture levels. Results are both impressive and immediate, and it is a perfect daily anti-aging treatment for your whole body.
The Ritual Sea Salt Bath Soak: Sea salts are loaded with vital minerals that have therapeutic properties that help reduce body stressors and relieve many skin conditions, including psoriasis, eczema, and acne. This takes a daily “bath* to a whole new level… sea salts have also been shown to be beneficial in the treatment of muscle aches and joint stiffness.