Post -Procedure Recovery™ Sunshine Botanicals

Post -Procedure Recovery™

How To Pair Skincare Products With Cosmetic Procedures For the Best Results
Your skin requires exceptional care after any procedure, and specific healing ingredients are necessary to accelerate the recovery process and minimize redness and pain after a cosmetic procedure. Also, some methods produce bruising that can be tough to treat. Fortunately, Sunshine Botanicals Rapid Repair Collection was made to treat these challenging skin healing situations and has had rave reviews from clients and physicians alike. We received this letter from a highly respected cosmetic surgeon Bryan J. Michelow, MD, F.A.C.S. who has used these formulations in his practice for some time. His experience speaks volumes about the healing power of nature and how powerful it is in healing and restoring damaged, traumatized skin. Sunshine Botanicals has created a powerful, holistic post-procedure skin recovery system that the surgeon in the letter above used for his patients – and now you can get this system for yourself! This system dramatically changes the recovery experience with cosmetic procedures, and it is now available for you to use without visiting a physician’s office.