Redness Relief Bar For Face & Body 4 oz. Bar *Calming & Purifying *Restores Healthy pH *Fights Candida What is it? This original cleansing bar provides an effective cleansing solution for a wide variety of irritated, sensitive, inflamed, and problem skin conditions - from head to toe. This soothing, aromatic cleansing bar provides both anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory benefits and is nutrient dense with a pH balanced at 6.2 so you can have that clean, “soap and water” experience without the dryness and irritation associated with conventional soap. The gentle and rich foaming lather purifies and protects skin without stripping or damaging the skin surface protective barrier function.

Rosacea seems to be a catch-all diagnosis for anyone who deals with redness in the skin. What is Rosacea? I hear it from clients all the time, “do I have Rosacea?” and “what is the best treatment for Rosacea?” And the #`1 question I get about this is,” how do I treat my sun-damaged skin and not make the Rosacea symptoms worse?” I get it – and that is why I wrote this blog.