The healing and restorative benefits of seaweed have long been known in the spa industry, however, few people fully understand the incredible benefits of the wide array of marine botanicals available from every ocean on the planet.

Over the past 10 years, there has been a revolution in anti-aging retinoids (Retin-A),peptides, beta hydroxy acids and epidermal growth factors. While these ingredients produced impressive results for skin renewal and anti-aging, the down side of these low pH acidic ingredients and skin care formulations produced irritation and other side

As a result of these highly aggressive approaches to treating wrinkles, skin discoloration and environmental damage, a laundry list of other age accelerating issues have occurred – chronic inflammation being at the forefront of the list. The condition is so prevalent, the term “inflammaging” has become part of our current anti-aging vernacular.

That being said, when it come to aging skin – we want results, and we want them NOW. Combine this fact with the awareness of the dangers and downside of these aggressive topical treatments and the “green consciousness” of consumers today, confusion and conflict reign supreme when it comes to choosing the best products and treatments to address common skin conditions.

Algae is a botanical extract found in seaweed and wild fungi that is rich in Vitamins A, C & E, and is a fabulous, natural source of nutrition for your skin?  Many dermatologists consider algae extract to be a potent, active substance with a powerful capability for moisture retention. It can normalize the skin’s moisture content and provide maximum hydration and suppleness to the epidermis, and if you are concerned with dry skin, or perhaps aging, this is a wonderful anti-aging source.



Emily Fritchey
President and Founder
Sunshine Botanicals LLC