Calming Collection bag w product images Skincare by Sunshine Botanicals

The Sensitive Collection

This skin-soothing routine rescues sensitive & fragile skin. Cooling botanicals relieve redness & leave skin feeling calm & nourished, with nature’s most effective anti-inflammatory & anti-fungal ingredients. The unique ingredients in the ultra-soothing collection also provide anti-aging benefits you can see – without irritation.

*Our signature “double cleanse” system is the perfect blend of ingredients at the perfect pH to deeply cleanse an detoxify sensitive skin and minimize irritation – all at the same time. Also an amazing collection for high altitudes and super dry climates.
Hydrating Recovery Mist instantly cools and soothes stressed skin – think of it as a “Co2 fire extinguisher” for inflamed skin. Pure colloidal silver and lemon balm hydrosol help heal irritated skin, soothe anxiety and fight bacteria and yeast on the skin.
Rapid Repair Fluid is virtual arsenal of skin repairing ingredients specifically formulated to help heal any type of skin damage – from burns and bruises to severe sun damage, this is a must have for all skins. This is the perfect oil-free healing serum for serious skin recovery.
The Elixir is like a huge drink of water for thirsty skin! Omega 3 Fatty Acids, anti-itch botanicals and super nourishing plant extracts make this the perfect AM/PM moisture fluid for sensitive and stressed-out skin and delivers and obsession worthy glow! (Note: you MUST shake this formula very well before each use for optimal results)
Total Eclipse is the perfect finishing cream to protect your skin from the negative effects of UV exposure, wind, climate extremes and pollution. This is a multi-tasking tinted moisturizer infused with antioxidants for daily skin protection.
System Includes:
Pre-Cleanse and Detox -1oz
Cleanse and Calm -1oz
Hydrating Recovery Mist -1oz
Rapid Repair Fluid -1oz
The Elixir -1oz
Total Eclipse -1/4oz