Tina Harrill CFO

Tina Harrill, CFO Sunshine Botanicals

Tina Harrill
Chief Financial Officer

Tina Harrill is responsible for all things finance and administration for Sunshine Botanicals®. She is crucial in streamlining Sunshine Botanicals® finance and accounting departments to ensure the financial resources and structure necessary to support our exponential growth.

Tina’s experience and expertise are highly beneficial to Sunshine Botanicals®, and her proven track record of success is vital to our brand’s long-term goals and objectives.

She graduated from GA State University with a dual degree in Accounting and Finance. Before joining Sunshine Botanicals®, she was instrumental in the brand growth of Goody Products, a division of Rubbermaid, where she managed the marketing budget and worked closely with the new product development team and is a perfect fit for our growth trajectory.

On a personal note, Tina has a sincere passion for our mission and is a total “foodie” and wine enthusiast who loves to cook and combine healing herbs and plants in her original recipes!

Tina’s sense of humor is so unique – and her positive and optimistic outlook brings out the very best in our team and helps continue our supportive team environment of creativity, support, and encouragement.