Say Whatt??

If you have scrolled social media lately, there is no doubt you have seen all kinds of beauty and skincare videos – especially if you scroll TikTok. If you do, I have no doubt you have come across skin a new skincare trend called “slugging.” But what exactly is that??? (it sounds gross – or is that just me? )

When I heard about this, I first said “whattt??” and decided to see what the buzz was all about. As I began to snoop this out (what is it and where it came from), I had to share what I learned and give you the facts, so you are not misled, and here’s the scoop…

What Is Slugging?

The idea of slugging originated in Korea and, thanks to social media, quickly became a hot trend in beauty circles. What is it? It is slathering a heavy-duty occlusive like Vasaline (petroleum jelly) to lock in moisture before bed. It gets its name from the shiny, slug-like look this gives the skin during the process. 


  • Seals the skin barrier
  • Help prevent water loss
  • Builds moisture barrier


  • Traps dead skin cells
  • Increases surface oil
  • Messy to sleep on
  • Cause the skin to become congested and leads breakouts

With this being said, the best candidate for slugging would be those with super dry and sensitive skin.

The funny thing to me is this “trend” has come and gone over many decades, now it has a new name, “slugging.” Over the years, many clients who have come to me felt they could not LIVE without Vaseline, Carmex, and hydrocortisone ointment for their frustrating skin challenges. How on earth could they possibly deal with issues like crazy dry skin, eczema, chronic chapped lips, and raw, irritated skin without those? (which Carmex was life support for chronic chapped lips, right?) 

OMG!!! There just had to be a better way to meet these needs without suffocating the skin with petroleum and causing clogged pores and breakouts. Slugging with Vaseline is now promoted as the next best thing in skincare… NOT!!! 

For generations, Vaseline has been an everyday household staple used on everything from babies’ tender bottoms to dry cracked hands. However – it is an occlusive skin lubricant ONLY, with absolutely NO healing properties whatsoever, and leads to significant skin dehydration… Yikes! Thinking of petroleum as a moisturizer is a fundamental misconception.


This simple technique (done correctly) can be a natural skin savior for super dry skin, particularly during the cold winter months. Still, I would advise using only occasionally and on small patches rather than on the entire face, or you’ll congest your skin and prevent slow cell turnover. 

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