When diagnosed with cancer, your whole world changes, NO – it’s turned upside down!

After you take a real deep breath, you begin to process all the changes this diagnosis means. Significant lifestyle changes become a big part of your new reality. Nutrition and diet changes and alternative therapies such as acupuncture, herbal medicine, yoga, and meditation are often a part of a journey to a new normal for physical and emotional healing. Your skin, the largest organ of the body – is no different. Suppose your cancer battle plan includes radiation and chemotherapy. In that case, the known side effects of nausea and hair loss included a long list of skin conditions that cause you to reevaluate your entire approach to skincare and anti-aging products. The side effects of cancer drugs and cancer treatments completely change your skin, and chemicals and ingredients in everyday skincare products complicate compromised skin conditions and make matters worse.

Chemotherapy, in particular, changes the skin so much, products you have used successfully for years all of a sudden become a problem, and your skin can no longer handle them. Clean, healthy ingredients in skincare and makeup are essential, now more than ever, and cleansing and detoxification become a mantra both inside and out. 

Understanding ingredients in your skincare and cosmetics, personal care products, foods, and environment are SOOOO critical – especially now. Dermal toxicity from cancer treatments ranges in intensity among individuals. 

These treatments typically include dry or itchy skin, hyperpigmentation, rashes and breakouts, photosensitivity, thinning of the skin, loss of elasticity, and overall color change. In severe cases, the skin can blister, peel, and crack on the hands and feet … The toxicity can be a minefield, and the search for effective AND healthy solutions can be daunting.

The focus of any oncology skincare plan should include healthy, plant-based ingredients with soothing, healing, and regenerating properties to help heal the damage and minimize the destructive side effects of cancer treatment. So is there any GOOD news here? YESSSS!!

If we get back to nature and away from synthetic chemicals, we discover the incredible healing power found in nature.

Think of herbal medicine as nature’s ultimate medicine chest! Overflowing and filled with unique ingredients proven to effectively address so many of these difficult skin conditions without adding to the existing skin toxicity caused by cancer treatments.

The three most important things to focus on for a simple and effective oncology skincare routine are:

  1. Soothing skin cleansing and detoxification
  2. Healing and hydration
  3. UV and environmental protection

Sunshine Botanicals has developed an original, powerful Oncology Skincare Collection to meet the specific needs of cancer patients and those with fragile and compromised skin conditions. These formulations are proven to treat redness effectively, radiation burns, excessive dryness, itching, pain, cracked and peeling skin, and protect the skin from UV light and environmental damage. Here is a brief list of Sunshine Botanicals products that are perfect for oncology patients and other ultra-sensitive, compromised skin conditions. The Formulations are rooted in traditional herbal medicine. They contain beautiful botanical ingredients chock full of proper skin nutrition, enzymes, essential fatty acids to help heal and restore damaged skin!

Cleanse & Calm by Sunshine Botanicals, part of the new Oncology Skincare CollectionCleanse and Calm (soothing crème cleanser)

If you are undergoing chemotherapy or radiation, you will suppress your immune system. You are vulnerable to environmental stress factors more than ever before, which means you need healthy skin to protect yourself! This soothing protein complex of oat protein combined with essential minerals of potassium and magnesium (vital for cell metabolism) provides very soothing relief for sensitive and fragile skin conditions. This formula helps combat external stress factors such as pollution and environmental assaults that we face daily. Additionally, essential oils of chamomile, rose, and lavender stimulates micro-circulation and helps facilitate the absorption of needed, vital minerals.
Hydrating Recovery Mist By Sunshine Botanicals, part of the new Oncology Skincare Collection

Hydrating Recovery Mist

This elegant healing mist contains only two (very potent) ingredients: Colloidal Silver and Lemon Balm.  Colloidal Silver destroys P. acne bacteria on the skin, as well as numerous other pathogens living on the skin surface.  Colloidal Silver also helps heal burns, wounds, eczema, and a host of bacterial and fungal-related conditions to help clear and balance the skin.  Lemon Balm has also been used in aromatherapy for centuries to alleviate the symptoms of ADHD and depression.  You can feel the tension melt away with just a few quick blasts of this beautiful, healing mist.

Rapid Repair Fluid by Sunshine Botanicals, part of the new Oncology Skincare CollectionRapid Repair Fluid

Rapid Repair Fluid is a virtual arsenal of skin-repairing ingredients specifically formulated to treat the needs of sensitive, problem, and environmentally damaged skin conditions. This multifunctional serum is especially indicated for bruises and helps heal skin that is recovering and compromised from radiation and chemotherapy treatments. Cool, fresh, and oil-free, this soothing serum may also be used as a daily hydrating fluid to help restore the skin’s natural barrier function and help fight breakouts and irritations.

Rapid Repair Balm by Sunshine Botanicals, part of the new Oncology Skincare CollectionRapid Repair Balm

A healthy alternative to OTC healing ointments, this herbal healing balm provides a protective barrier to protect and repair compromised skin conditions, and botanical extracts keep wounds moist to help prevent crusting after laser, peels, and other ablative skin treatments. Perfect for ultra-dry, bruised, or inflamed skins are resulting from radiation and chemotherapy treatments. Perfect for red, cracked skin and inflamed skin. Excellent for wound healing and an ultra-rich moisture balm for dehydrated skin. Also ideal for anyone suffering from eczema, psoriasis, or chronic dryness.

Total Eclipse BB Cream by Sunshine Botanicals, part of the new Oncology Skincare CollectionTotal Eclipse

All the benefits of a moisturizer, foundation, anti-aging soufflé, and environmental protection – all in one chemical-free, protective skin formula.  This weightless, matte finish beauty balm is formulated with potent antioxidants and micronized zinc and titanium oxide. These antioxidants effectively protect healthy skin from the ravages of harsh environments without any carcinogenic chemicals.  Unlike most cosmetic foundations, Total Eclipse is all-natural with no added fragrance, alcohol, artificial dyes, phthalates, parabens, or pore-clogging ingredients that can irritate skin and cause breakouts.  Total Eclipse provides a beautiful airbrushed finish for all skin types and conditions.The Daily Glow by Sunshine Botanicals, part of the new Oncology Skincare Collection


The Daily Glow

A powerful skin polish that will refine and clarify skin texture (even scaly skin) without ANY irritation…even the most sensitive, dry, and fragile skin will love this gentle, purifying scrub.  This luxurious formula is a multi-tasking skin treatment… it is both an effective exfoliator AND a nourishing moisture mask – all in one.  Premium ingredients that include oat beta-glucan (a natural oat protein) are carefully blended to create this luxurious, chemical-free skin polish that instantly restores a beautiful glow to the skin.

Redness Relief Bar by Sunshine Botanicals, part of the new Oncology Skincare CollectionRedness Relief Bar

Deeply cleanses and purifies the epidermis and reduces redness, itching, and inflammation associated with sensitive skin conditions. Rosacea, occasional breakouts, eczema, hormonal skin challenges, dermatitis and yeast, and fungal disorders are just a few of the conditions that greatly benefit from this original, detoxifying skin cleansing bar. Fresh and invigorating, this unique formulation is both soothing and detoxifying, and gentle enough to use on babies and children. Besides, the yeast and candida-fighting ingredients of this cleaning bar make it a highly effective secret weapon for vaginal cleansing as well. Provides both anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory benefits and is nutrient dense – with a pH balanced at 6.2 so you can have that clean, “soap and water” experience without the dryness and irritation associated with conventional soap. Redness Relief Face & Body Bar is a miracle worker for feminine hygiene as well as daily skincare!

PreCleanse & Detox by Sunshine Botanicals, part of the new Oncology Skincare CollectionPreClease & Detox

This ultra-soothing, skin detoxifying properties of this deep cleansing gelee” digs deep into pores to soften, dissolve makeup, remove daily grime and environmental toxins, and surface debris that leads to buildup, skin congestion, and blotchy skin. The best makeup removing oil cleanser in our line; adding this unique “pre-cleanse” step to your evening cleansing routine to amplify your skin detox process and keep your pores clear and your skin “breathing.”  PreCleanse & Detox is the foundation of our approach to corrective skincare and is the first step in our signature “double cleanse” method.

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