My clients ask me what my personal skincare routine is all the time, so I felt it’s important to tell you what I do to my skin every day – and why!   My approach to skincare is totally results-driven, but my lifestyle is busy and sometimes really hectic, so simplicity is important to me. That being said, so are visible results. This is why matching your ingredients to specific skin conditions is  SOOO important.

I have packaged my daily routine in a  simple to use kit so you can jump-start your skin transformation and eliminate having to figure out what to put together to begin an effective daily program for yourself.  This system deeply cleanses and detoxifies the skin, replenishes vital nutrients, and regenerates environmentally damaged tissues. We have combined seaweed and liquid oxygen in our Liquid 02 Extreme Eye Repair to instantly reduces the appearance of wrinkles by 15%, and our stable form of vitamin C is 50 times more effective than ascorbic acid and has powerful skin brightening properties to treat environmental aging.

My Ageless Collection addresses the signs of aging AND inflammation. – so you don’t have to choose active ingredients over inflammatory skin concerns. Sensitive and aging skin can benefit from this beautiful collection of products.  My personal skincare routine is listed below and inspired me to create this kit for you.


1. PreCleanse and Detox:
(use this at night – BEFORE your regular cleanser!!) This is a must to “take the day off” – dissolve the grime and instantly melt all my makeup (yes even my eye makeup!), in fact, it is our best makeup removing oil cleanser. My skin feels like it actually starting to “breathe” and allows my primary seaweed skin cleanser to clean so much deeper. It feels amazing!

2. Cleanse and Purify:
I am a total ingredient freak, and I am proud to say this the most unusual cleanser on the market – Period. Talk about fresh skin!!! There is so much more to cleansing than just removing surface grime, and since I am so passionate about this in skincare, I want to share just a bit more about why this formula is so special and why cleansers are such an important part of corrective skincare.  This nutrient-dense seaweed cleanser deeply decongests the skin and stimulates circulation. Marine algae provide anti-aging due to its richness in delivering the building blocks of life—minerals and trace elements directly to the basal cell layer of the skin. Copper, Zinc, Manganese, Phosphorous, Magnesium are all vital to the synthesis of collagen and fibronectin fibers. Therefore, these elements help to firm up the connective support matrix of the skin increasing skin firmness and tone. That’s a lot of anti-aging bang-for-the-buck from a cleanser!

3. Cellular Renewal Mist:
An elegant, aromatic moisture mist that instantly hydrates the skin and binds moisture into the tissues. (I keep one in my purse for a quick blast of “instant hydration” during the day – totally brings me back to life!!).

4. Cellular Firming Cream:
This is MY perfect day and night cream – all in one! (remember …I need simple and effective) This beautiful firming/moisture cream helps gently refine skin texture and repair environmental damage and while decreasing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by maintaining the skin’s natural levels of firming collagen and elastin.

5. Liquid O2 Extreme Eye Repair:
Liquid oxygen instantly reduces the appearance of wrinkles by 15%, and our stabilized form of vitamin C is 50 times more effective than ascorbic acid. This formula has powerful skin brightening properties to treat environmental aging. The probiotics and botanicals extract in this formula is a real game-changer in eye treatments. Great for upper and lower lids and is a must for morning and evening.

6. The Daily Glow: (use Several Times a Week – as Desired!
My skin needs a bit of polishing to stay “dewy”, so I created a skin polish that could “multi-task” my results for flawless skin! imagine…a powerful skin polish that will refine and clarify skin texture (even scaly skin) without ANY irritation.  Even the most sensitive, dry, and fragile skins will love this gentle, clarifying scrub.  Yep, this is a real multi-tasker – an effective exfoliator AND a nourishing moisture mask – all in one!

Ingredient of the Week: Seaweed

Actions and Pharmacology:

Richest Source of:

  • Astaxanthin – a potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory retinols
  • Organic Iodine, Trace Minerals, and Alpha/beta carotene
  • Vital Elements including Copper, Zinc, Magnesium, and Iodine.

Benefits and Usage:

  • Repairs Skin Discoloration and Environmental Damage
  • Helps Repair Damaged DNA
  • Serious Skin Food – Intensive Nutrition for the Skin