What is the one thing that everyone does to their faces every single day – men and women? If you said “wash your face”, – you are correct! That being said, did you know that research shows that American women spend an average of 15 seconds, once a day, cleansing their skin. This all too brief regimen removes surface layers of makeup at best. Skin cells begin to build up, pores clog, and blotchiness begins to occur. In addition, unless you cleanse the skin deeply and thoroughly, this cellular build-up prevents active skincare products from penetrating the skin to bring about the desired changes from these products creating frustration and disillusionment with daily skincare routines.

The truth is, if you cleanse your skin correctly, many skin problems clear themselves! Effective cleansing is crucial and is the foundation of all effective treatment programs. The Goal: cleanse, purify, and decongest. How? Double cleanse! Why? The results are astounding!

The Idea of Double-Cleansing…

Truth be told, there are some nights we’re lucky to cleanse our skin at all… (we know, we know.) After a full and busy day, the idea of double-cleansing can seem like a bit of a stretch. But, just like you’d have to give a particularly messy dish a quick rinse before it’s loaded into the dishwasher, using a plant and oil-based pre-cleanser can serve as that extra bit of elbow grease that ensures our regular washing routine can get the job done.

With all the soaps, cleaners, tools, and gadgets out there these days, not to mention harsh cleansers with questionable ingredients that lead to irritation, dryness, and other skin disasters, many are looking for healthy, natural alternatives. It begs the question, how DO you find the best natural face cleanser for aging skin with so many options?

First, you want to look for a product formulation that balances a deep and thorough cleansing experience with a healthy dose of hydration and nutrients. For example, a cleanser for dry skin should clear away excess oil and grime without stripping the skin of natural moisture or damage the skin’s protective barrier function. The ideal is a natural cleanser that protects the skin’s lipid barrier, locking in natural moisture while cleansing excess surface oil.

Linda Ramey Before and After Results from Sunshine Botanicals Double Cleanse Process

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Linda Ramey Before and After Results from Sunshine Botanicals Double Cleanse Process side view

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The Above Photos Are After Single Double Cleanse Application

Linda Décolletage before and after

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Know Your Skin Type

Knowing your skin type is essential…a cleanser …is not a cleanser …is not a cleanser!! There are sooo many differences – regardless of the brand. How to choose the right cleanser and understanding just a bit about natural ingredients can help you (tremendously) make better choices that lead to much better results!! Here is a brief list of makes our Cleanse and Purify the best all natural skin cleanser in our double cleanse process.

Cleanse & Purify by Sunshine Botanicals

-Seaweed – Ultra-hydrating and anti-inflammatory – rich in amino acids, vitamins, and minerals

-Spirulina –  This is a skin superfood that is very rich in nutrients, amino acids, and fatty acids – decreases inflammation and encourages cell turnover

-Sunflower Seed Oil –  Rich in essential fatty acids, helps restore the skins barrier function, highly emollient

-Rosemary – anti-inflammatory, reduces puffiness and is a powerful ingredient for chronic conditions including dermatitis, eczema, and psoriasis.

-Lavender – Soothing, calming,  antibacterial, antioxidant, and antiseptic

These properties make it an ideal face cleanser natural ingredient for fighting everything from acne to sun-damaged and aging skin. Think about it – how many times have you been to the beach and your skin cleared up? Seaweed is nature’s skin purifier…

Transitioning Your Skin Care Routine for Changing Seasons …

Watch for my upcoming blogs over the next few weeks for my best skincare hacks on how you can jump-start your skincare routine for fall and winter!


Ingredient of The Week:

Peppermint OilPeppermint Oil


Actions and Pharmacology:

Peppermint is an aromatic herb in the mint family. It’s a hybrid mint that’s a cross between spearmint and watermint. It can be found naturally in North America and Europe.

Peppermint Oil Uses:
  • Topical application for relief from itching, muscle pain, and headache.
  • A fresh, pleasing scent added to soaps and cosmetic products.
  • Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), nausea, and other digestive issues, as well as the common cold.

Records of the use of mint plants for medicinal purposes goes back to the times of Ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome.