Skin care as you know it is backwards!

We have come to believe that when we experience problems with our skin (discoloration, aging, breakouts) we need to immediately reach for the corrective serums, creams and specialty treatments. Right? Well, actually, no! Before you start layering on all these corrective products invest in the very foundation and most important step of all – cleansing and detoxification!

Research shows that American women spend an average of 15 seconds, once a day cleansing their skin, and spend an average of $9.00 on their cleansing products. Yet they spend hundreds of dollars on anti aging serums and creams to correct enlarged pores, discoloration and breakouts.

This all too brief cleansing regimen removes surface layers of make up, at best. Instead of truly cleansing, skin cells begin to build up, pores clog and blotchiness begins to occur.

In addition, unless the skin is deeply and thoroughly cleansed, this cellular build up prevents active skin care products from penetrating into the skin to bring about the desired changes. The truth is, if you cleanse your skin properly, many skin imbalances clear themselves! Proper cleansing is crucial and is the foundation of all effective treatment programs.

Cleanse, purify and decongest.

I see women every day who experience terrific results and restore a healthy glow to their skin when they simply focus on their cleansing routine twice daily and select cleansers that contain the appropriate ingredients to address their specific needs, be it redness reduction, discoloration, break outs or aging and sun damage.

Don’t believe me? Just try my double cleanse program for one week and watch what happens!  Healthy, fresh, beautiful skin – done!