“When I discovered the incredible healing power of nature it transformed my aesthetics practice decades ago, and began a life long journey of adventure and discovery that transformed my own life, and the lives of thousands of women since. That’s why they call me “The Skin Whisperer.”

Consumers are bombarded 24/7 with anti-aging and skin care information – infomercials, the internet, magazines, Sephora, and department stores all offering “green” beauty products, tools and devices designed to “fix” skin problems.  This has created information overload for most people.  This approach leads to half empty bottles, pots and jars that fill bathroom drawers and creates a revolving door of trial and error skin treatments.  How are you to know what to choose?  What’s hot this month?  What does Dr. Oz say??  It’s no wonder we usually stay with the status quo – trial and error is expensive!

My husband, Dr. Philip Fritchey, is a gifted herbalist who introduced me to the healing power of nature years ago when he created an amazing herbal healing serum that helped my clients’ skin recover from aggressive skin procedures and chronic, inflamed skin conditions.  This experience made it crystal clear to me that amazing, alternative ingredients were abundantly available in nature and provided very effective alternatives to mass produced, over the counter, synthetic based products used to treat common skin disorders.  This launched a passionate journey of discovery and learning that ultimately created Sunshine Botanicals – the combined passions of a master herbalist and a clinically oriented aesthetician, or “Holistic Skin Therapist” as I refer to myself.  I feel this is more descriptive of the work I do.  My love of adventure and passion for discovery have come together to create gorgeous, highly effective and totally “green” skin care products.  What I learn along the way is what I bring back to you here.

The plants Dr. Phil first introduced me to were comfrey, plantain and oregon grape root, that he blended in the form of a powerful skin healing solution that began my journey into the study of natural medicine years ago and that ultimately became our signature skin healing serum – Rapid Repair Fluid.  The art of making herbal medicine was introduced to Dr. Phil by his grandmother at a very early age, and what he learned from her established roots deep within him that became his lifelong passion to learn and produce natural medicine that continues to this day.


Our Passion is Your Solution

Sunshine Botanicals was created as a result of the combined passions of a Master Herbalist and a Holistic Aesthetician, who were determined to bridge the gap between science and nature- to develop effective alternatives for results oriented skin care without the use of chemicals or drugs.  And we did just that.  As practicing herbalists, we understand the healing power of nature.  Our products are “micro-brewed” in small batches to insure freshness and potency, and all our herbal tinctures are made by hand…all tinctures are stared on the beginning cycle of the new moon (age old agricultural principles at work here) in order to extract the maximum effect and potency of each plant or herb.  The results speak for themselves.


We’re Ingredient Snobs:

For you, that’s a good thing.  We are very picky about the ingredients we use.  We are always looking for the highest quality ingredients available for our products and “certified organic” guarantees the quality of the plant material.  The problem is, that certification is very expensive and not available in every country.  The raw materials we use come from many different regions and different parts of the world.  That said, if a certified organic ingredient is available, we buy it.  Our suppliers provide us with the highest quality raw materials available, whether or not they are certified organic.  They are always pure.


What About Star Ingredients?

Our products are not built around a “star” ingredient surrounded by bland fillers.  Instead, Sunshine Botanicals products are complex, synergistic formulas based on knowledge of ingredients and the chemistry of the skin.  Although “star” ingredients may be found in some of Sunshine Botanicals formulations, they will always be blended with complementary ingredients (enzymes, amino acids, and botanical extracts) that provide a more balanced and nourishing formula.  A good analogy of our approach is much like our diets.  For example, spinach is good for us; it is a great source of B-vitamins and iron.  However, if we only ate spinach every day, our bodies would be lacking in protein, amino acids and other nutrients that are found in a balanced diet.  Our bodies would suffer.  It is no different in skin care.  Good formulation is about the balance that is necessary to provide good nutrition for healthy skin.


We’re All About Results

Sunshine Botanicals incorporates the latest in skin care research and technology, and incorporates this knowledge with old-world natural medicine to create a highly effective treatment line.  Our products are concentrated – a little goes along way.  Results are visible and quick.  We are all about transformation….


Nothing Toxic – Ever!

All our products are plant based.  They are preserved with essential oils, powerful antioxidants and exceptional antimicrobial extracts.  This means that we can omit harmful chemicals for preservation that can be estrogen mimickers.  You will never find artificial coloring agents, parabens or fragrances in our formulas.


Healthy Skin Needs to “Breathe”

All our products are non-occlusive and will never clog the pores or congest the skin.  You will never feel like you have “stuff” on your face…our products are very nutritious and penetrate beautifully, replacing nutrients and minerals your skin needs to thrive and glow.



Introduction to one of our many powerful, amazing, and totally natural ingredients!


A walk in the woods: Ahhh…Jewelweed!  This little known plant is a powerhouse for correcting many skin disorders and is an important ingredient for aging and problem skin conditions.  Its anti-inflammatory and anti-itching benefits have been reported to significantly reduce or heal dermatitis caused by bee stings, poison ivy, poison oak, insect bites, burns and essentially any skin irritation. Jewelweed is much more than just a weed – as nature would have it, in the wild you can always find Jewelweed growing within eyesight of poison ivy – nature always provides the antidote for poisonous plants nearby – how cool is that?