Every day I receive phone calls or messages from women all around the country who have bathroom drawers filled with half-empty bottles and jars. These products serve as painful reminders of expensive trial and error purchases of products that promised miraculous results – but didn’t deliver…

We are bombarded all day, from celebrities touting their latest and greatest “beauty” products to TV doctors promoting what’s hot this month. Add to that all your girlfriends telling you EXACTLY what they just tried and know it is what you need, too – sound familiar??

Are you drowning in “information” yet lack the knowledge necessary to make an informed decision on what to do?  Most people are in a revolving door of endless trial and error, some wind up in a doctor’s office looking for answers there, and decision-making gets really intense…

This problem is a big deal to me, and it breaks my heart to hear the stories and see the photos of my followers who have spent thousands of dollars of treatments, services, and products that have left them dazed and confused because of the results expected just didn’t happen. There can be many reasons for this. In today’s do it yourself and “self-service” culture that we live in, few people take the time to search out a skilled skin therapist who has the training, knowledge, and expertise necessary to evaluate what is going on with their skin.

Going it alone and following beauty media, sound-bite marketing is a very slippery slope… but the good news is, there IS a way out of “trial and error” skincare madness!

First you need an in-depth skin analysis by a trained skin therapist to help you create a result focused plan to achieve your specific goals. There are many underlying root causes of so many skin challenges that can quickly be resolved with a few simple changes if you know all the factors involved in your particular situation. I will discuss how to find the right skin care professional in your area in another post, but for now, I want you to know the basics and have a better idea of where you need to start.

As my client, I will hand you a mirror when you come into see me for the first time, and I ask you, “When you look in the mirror – what concerns you most about your skin?” then I ask, “If I could change one thing for you, what would that be?” That begins your entire consultation… that answer tells me which tools in my toolbox are necessary to deliver that result – if it is within my scope of practice.

As you will soon see, I am VERY passionate about my work and LOVE what I do!!! It will change your life and empowers you with the information and knowledge that you will need to never to have to go through the “trial and error revolving door” again. I think outside the box (big time), and I incorporate cutting edge holistic modalities that address not only the skin, but the body, mind, and spirit as a whole.  This is what “holistic” means to me.

I help clients navigate the many treatment options that are available to achieve their goals. To give you one example, let’s take micro-needling, for instance. Micro-needling is a widely known procedure in aesthetics and med spas and is now something people are doing at home. So what’s the difference between home treatment tools you can purchase in beauty stores and a professional treatment? Is this a procedure you even need? How can I know the difference? If you think that you need Lasers, Facelifts, Injections, and Botox – think again! In my practice, I offer a healthy alternative to these invasive chemical procedures.

Think of me as a “Personal Trainer for your Face”

Can you imagine having a personal trainer for your face??   Imagine how this would simplify your life.   Are you ready for a personal trainer for your face?

There are some highly effective, holistic alternatives available and together we can:

  • Lift sagging jowls and droopy eyelids
  • Minimize lines and wrinkles
  • Eliminate dark circles
  • Lighten age spots and sun damage
  • Refine skin texture
  • Reduce large pores
  • Calm Rosacea, hypertensive or inflamed skin
  • Lift, tone and repair environmentally damaged skin
  • Restore the deep, healthy glow once and for all
  • Identify Holistic treatments for oncology and compromised skin conditions

How would you like never to HAVE to wear foundation again? Is this even possible? You bet it is! I do this for my clients …now you can get the inside scoop on how to detail your skincare program to experience it yourself…

I can hear you now;  “I wish I lived in Atlanta!!” –  I wish you did too! But if coming to Atlanta is not an option, here is the next best thing.  By now, I believe you trust me as an expert. I want all of my customers worldwide to experience the same success that you could have right here in Atlanta. You achieving your skincare goals is so important to me that I’m offering a 30 min one on one consultations to help you; you will need to:

  1. Purchase your appointment
  2. Complete your skin assessment
  3. Send three photos of your face.  (Once you purchase; instructions will be in your email)
  4. Download the Zoom Application (on your phone or computer)
  5. Book your appointment

Then we’ll schedule a 30 min Zoom meeting to:

  1. Identify your goals
  2. Determine if professional services are needed to achieve your goals and if so which ones
  3. Identify the ingredients and specific formulation that will simplify your daily skincare routine
I am excited, are you? Click the link below and book your appointment today!