Herbal Medince Day Two of our Great Escape centered around the actual art of making herbal medicine, and understanding how to use these medicinal plants after harvesting.

Students were introduced to processing tools, herb drying, processing and distillation methods and how to make tinctures, capsules, teas, and poultices.  Students were super excited to learn how to craft their own custom skincare blends – potent salves, ointments, nourishing skin elixirs and a serum or two created pure magic in the medicine making classroom!

In addition, Master Herbalist Dr. Philip Fritchey, taught how different herbs and medicinal plant combinations could be used to treat imbalances in the body systems and promote healing.  Students completed the Herbal Medicine Makers Boot Camp with their own individual “mini medicine chest” they made with their own hands.  This was a very empowering experience for all involved and opened up a whole new world of discovery for everyone…

In closing, a big THANK YOU to Rhonda Koon and her team from the “Virginians for Health Freedom” organization for making the journey to participate in this event with us, and for helping to spread the news about this empowering class with all their members.  We can not thank you enough ladies for your support for our work and keeping the flames lit for health care freedom.  We salute you and all your hard work and effort to help us not to lose our “freedom to choose” our individual form of health care in our country.  We salute YOU!