Or as we call it, the Non-Surgical Face Lift!  This impressive treatment for aging skin uses low level electrical current to jump start the body’s natural physiology at a cellular level, increasing the body’s ability to produce collagen and elastin, increases and improves circulation, promotes lymphatic drainage (reducing puffiness) and tightens and lifts sagging skin. This “concert” of benefits results in a tighter, smoother and firmer skin – especially when combined with targeted skin care ingredients that help conduct this healing energy into the deepest layers of the skin


The Short Answer:

As the skin ages, skin cells lose much of their natural energy – ATP, (similar to a battery loosing its charge) which leads to a breakdown of collagen (the main protein of connective tissue) and elastin (the main ingredient in the skin that allows it to stretch without leaving stretch marks). Every year after age of 25 we are loosing about 1-1. 5% of the collagen that comprises most of our dermal layers. When the value of the skin is lost, we start to see sagging skin and deep wrinkles. Beneath the skin, some of the facial muscles become increasingly contracted over the years from facial expressions and others become elongated over years of age and gravity.

Micro Current is the only known technology that triggers the body’s natural skin enhancement chemicals at a cellular level, and can increase the levels of ATP to 500%   The cells of the body are literally being recharged with new energy – think of how you jump start a dead battery on a car using jumper cables – it’s the same idea, really.

Besides the massive increase of ATP, protein synthesis and cellular membrane transport, clinical studies shown that Micro Current INCREASES:

  • *Improves blood circulation (38%)
  • *Increases number of blood vessels (35%)
  • *Promotes lymphatic drainage (28%)
  • *Increases Collagen Production (14%),
  • *Increases Elastin Production (40%)
  • *Disperses hardened collagen (scars) through protein synthesis
  • *Improves product penetration through Iontophoresis

With each Micro Current treatment, ATP levels are stockpiled and stored.  This is the reason why results are cumulative, and become better and better as a series of treatments progresses.  The dramatic increase of ATP levels allows muscles to stay in the “re-educated “ positions for longer periods of time, and the increased blood circulation improves function, condition, color, and overall health of the skin, underlying tissues, and muscles.

What questions do you have about Micro Current?  Are you excited for your first non-surgical facelift?  Next we will share some before and after pictures with you, so comment below and stay tuned!

The Skin Whisperer