…and What That Means for Your Skin!

If you are anything like me, summer means travel and you are super excited to be able to travel again and get out and hit the road! Whatever part of the country you are in, road trips and summer fun create wonderful memories. These special events give us a much-needed break to reconnect with ourselves and fully experience the joys of life. While feeling the wind in your hair, cool water enveloping your bodies and your toes in the soft, warm sand, this annual ritual is a reward we’ve all been waiting to experience again!

Whether you travel by plane, train, or automobile, having a good skincare routine for your trip is super important. As your travels take you to different climates and environments, your skin can become drier, pores can get clogged, and sensitivity can become an issue. That said, having a good travel skincare routine is a must! It doesn’t have to be complicated – with just a few specific essentials, your skin can glow at all times and be ready for those fantastic vacay photos everyone loves! 

As a former flight attendant, I know a thing or two about what travel can do to your skin, and I also can write a book on how to pack (but that’s another blog). Anyway, my combined love affair with air travel and skincare that began decades ago has come together in our beautiful new collection of travel kits. The most important things you need to take when packing an effective (quick and easy) travel skincare routine are targeted products for skin cleansing, detoxification, hydration, and environmental protection.  I designed very specific steps for each skin condition to keep your skin clear and radiant while on the road. in our complete, ready to roll travel kits! 


The Ageless Collection Kit Front Panel
The Skin Essentials Collection Front
The Calming Collection Kit front

OK, now that we have a strategy in place, let’s break this down and look at the most critical steps during travel a bit closer…


Sunshine Botanicals Cleanse and Clear 1 oz
Sunshine Botanicals Cleanse and Purify 1 oz
Sunshine Botanicals Cleanse and Calm 1oz

When you’re on the road, the double cleanse system is more important than ever to prevent breakouts, irritation, and deep skin congestion from happening. Continue to double cleanse on your trip to melt makeup and excess oils that will clog your pores. It’s not fun when breakouts ruin your best selfies and vacay photos, so do yourself a favor and pack the skin essentials you need for healthy skin during travel.

Hydrating Recovery Mist 1 ozCellular Renewal MistHydration and Skin Mists

Another critical step in your skincare routine is ensuring your skin stays hydrated. In addition to cleansing, your travel kit should also include items that protect, restore, and hydrate the skin. Our face mist with active ingredients is one such item. Our mists are skin hydration and repair in a bottle, and every spritz of Sunshine Botanicals skin mist releases a burst of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and hydrating skin ingredients. Used in conjunction with cleansing and environmental protection, you can be sure your will look your very best when you reach your destination! 

Total Eclipse BB Cream

 Environmental Protection:

Whether you’re indoors or out, your skin is affected by the environment. From UV rays to blue light and pollution, environmental factors create oxidative damage in the skin, which breaks down collagen and may also damage the skin’s protective barrier function. A damaged skin barrier makes skin more prone to the ill effects of UV damage. Topical antioxidants and micro minerals such as zinc and titanium oxide help protect the skin from the harsh assaults of city and country environments and naturally protect the skin.

Now you are fully equipped to go our and enjoy your life and protect your skin in the process. Go enjoy the journey and travel safe, see you back here soon!

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