Wow – can you believe it is already 2016?  Just saying that out loud is a real wake-up call.  Where did last year go?  If you are anything like me, New Year’s day is a welcome relief (another day off maybe?) and a time to reflect and catch your breath from the busy holiday season and look ahead to what the new year may bring.

Vanessa Simpkins

If all the festivities made your pants feel a little tighter,  your face a bit puffy and your energy reserves feeling zapped, I invite you to join me on an exciting 21 Day adventure with my friend Vanessa Simkins, inspiring beauty and wellness guru who has taken my favorite thing (juicing!) to a whole new level.

In just 21 short days,  we can recharge our batteries, reclaim glowing skin, and look hot again!  Vanessa is my guest blogger this month and she will simplify and demystify the world of juicing and detoxification.  Her blog simplifies juicing and is THE perfect place for beginners and veterans alike.

Here is a link to my “green juice” recipe that I talk about all the time –  Read on – this is great stuff!  Happy New Year!

Juicing for energy, detox, and renewal

Are you ready to feel more energy and detox naturally in 2016?  If so, then I’d like to welcome you to the amazing world of juicing and cleansing.  If you are an advanced juicer or beginner, you might already know that juicing is one of the best ways to supplement your diet with whole-food nutrients that give you clean energy, help your body detox and get you on the right track.

The benefits of juicing are endless. Juicing gives you energy and encourages detox because:

  • It’s an easy way to get a very large quantity of vitamins, minerals, and raw enzymes packed in one cup. Eating a comparable quantity is almost impossible and not as easy.
  • These vitamins, minerals, and raw enzymes flood into your bloodstream and are easily absorbed and high powered, instant nutrition.
  • Our digestive system carries a heavy burden with the foods we eat and the stress we encounter on a daily basis. A juice-a-day or a juice cleanse allows the digestive system a vacation.
  • If you have hampered digestion, such as IBS, leaky gut, candida, or Crohn’s disease, then juicing is ideal because there is no fiber, making it the perfect liquid meal.
  • Juicing is an ultra-efficient way to consume a rainbow of vegetables in one simple shot. It allows you to consume an abundance of different of vegetables and fruits without the fiber that can sometimes weigh you down.

healthy benefits from juicingWhen you juice, the nutrients from the fruits and vegetables hit your bloodstream and allow your body to use them effectively to heal any issues you may have within your body that may be causing problems that show outwardly in many forms, including skin conditions.  If you want good skin (including extra anti-oxidants to help keep you looking young), having a good diet and a wide range of good clean nutrients is one of the first steps you need to take- and juicing is one of the easiest ways to achieve it.

If you want to start juicing or want some support to start your year off right in 2016, join our free and fun 21-day juicing challenge starting on January 1st.  You can sign up here:

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