“For just such a time as this” …the book of Esther, chapter 4 vs. 13 and 14…I am reminded of this bible verse, especially now as we face a very real and massive global pandemic, COVID-19, and a meltdown of our society in the wake of nationwide civil unrest -we have never seen times like this … This verse is so powerful to me that the text in this book was the class manual for my husband’s weekend disaster preparedness class “Natures 9-1-1” 12 years ago, in 2008. My husband was Dr. Philip Fritchey – a gifted herbalist, author, and teacher of herbal medicine until his untimely passing in 2017. He was all about simplicity in life and was all about self-sufficiency, independence, Freedom, and the Constitution of the United States of America.


Dr. Philip Fritchey

The irony here is, he saw all this coming in a very prophetic way. Because he was determined to be self-sufficient in all things, he created a class that today has become a survivor’s guide handbook to very turbulent times. He was my soulmate, best friend, and husband of 38 years. With the whole world on high alert now, it became clear to me that this information he crammed into a hands-on, 3-day prepping workshop should be converted into a book to help everyone.

None of us were prepared for any of this. Having a handbook on hand with information necessary to help survive everything from pandemics to terrorism is now needed on the bookshelf of every household.

Many communities have already been faced with significant upheaval as a result of Covid-19. Now, with extreme civil unrest nationwide, we are forced to face many unsettling things that impact our lives as a result of all this…where would YOU start to find the information you would need to handle these situations? What kinds of damage and personal losses can you expect? How wide-ranging will the effects be? How soon might help arrive? What will you do in the meantime? Will you stay put, or be forced to evacuate? Where will you go? How will you get there? What tools and talents do you have that might help you, and others survive?

How, exactly, will you cope in the event of…

  • Loss of Basic Utilities: Now What?
  • Loss of Water Supply: Solutions in plain sight?
  • Sanitation and Hygiene in Emergency Situations?
  • How to Prepare a “Bug out Bag” for Quick Evacuation?
  • Terrorism: Strategies for Chemical and Biological attacks, Cyber Attacks, Nuclear and Radiological Events?
  • Loss of Medical Supplies and Medications? 

Dr. Phil provides a list of realistic and ready inventory of just 20 or so well-selected herbal remedies and offers you practical tools to work with most of the situations you might face in a disaster. Dr. Phil covers the proper use and application of pure Colloidal Silver as a natural infection-fighting solution and walks you through the process of making this safely for yourself and your family. The use of plant medicine and targeted herbs for emergency medicine is also covered.

If we put a good plan together, gather and maintain a stockpile of essential provisions, we can take back some control over any disaster’s consequences, even if it comes unexpectedly. The most fearful thing we face is the unknown. We cannot control if, when, or how a disaster might strike, but we can think about and discuss the most likely possibilities calmly and logically.

All this and so much more can be found in this detailed handbook to help you overcome the plethora of unexpected challenges we face in our turbulent world today.

The best way to overcome fear is to face it – head-on. Anticipate it. Dissect it. Prepare for it.