Back To Our Roots

Where Herbal Medicine Meets Corrective Skin Care

As we all celebrate “Earth Day” this year, I am stunned as I step back and reflect on how this company actually began. You see, Sunshine Botanicals is a love story between the holistic aesthetician and a gifted herbalist. We were “green” long before it was a trend, and to see what has happened to those powerful, handcrafted skincare formulas over the years is nothing short of amazing. When I think of how many people’s lives have been positively impacted by these amazing yet simple skincare blends, it is humbling, to say the least.

It is hard to believe all that’s happened – all the twists and turns and life changes we have experienced to this point in time, and I simply have to say, I could NOT have done this without you – ALL of you.  Your support and encouragement during this past year during the untimely passing of my amazing husband, soul mate and visionary partner were priceless to me, and because of you – Sunshine Botanicals will continue to grow and our original formulations will continue to help people all over the world, for generations to come.

Let me take YOU back to our roots so you can experience the healing power of nature for yourself with the handcrafted formulas that started it all.

To celebrate our journey and honor Earth Day,  you can get our exclusive “Back to Our Roots” celebration package of potent skin healing formulas that started it all, exclusively for one week, April 21-28 at a very special price.

Rapid Repair Fluid: This is a staple skin serum formulated by my amazing, late husband, Dr. Philip Fritchey. This is a virtual arsenal of skin-repairing ingredients specifically formulated to treat the needs of sensitive, problem and environmentally damaged skin conditions.  In addition to being an excellent oil-free skin hydrating fluid, Rapid Repair Fluid is also excellent following sun exposure, sunburn, radiation, and chemotherapy treatments and also great for skin bruising.

Hydrating Recovery Mist: Another summer skin must have!  This potent, soothing skin mist is so crisp, cool and refreshing you forget it is intensely healing for many skin conditions.  A must for your beach bag!  Hydrating Recovery Mist contains organic Lemon Balm – it not only smells fabulous but is used widely in the treatment of herpes and other viral rooted skin conditions.  It is high in flavonoids which provide wonderful antioxidant benefits. It has also been used in aromatherapy for centuries to alleviate the symptoms of ADHD and depression.  The other key ingredient in this formula is colloidal silver – a potent antibacterial that destroys P. acne bacteria on the skin as well as numerous other pathogens living on the skin surface.  Colloidal Silver also helps soothe skin burns and fungal related conditions.  All skin types LOVE and benefit from this beautiful skin mist and it is a definite summer skin must-have for everybody!

I’m so honored to make some of the best herbal skincare products available on the market,  but even more than that, I love seeing the results it brings to your skin and hearing your stories of transformation!  Cheers to many more great years ahead and I can’t wait to tell you what lies “just around the bend.”  Stay tuned my friends –  we have only just begun!  Be on the lookout for your email and on our Facebook page for your chance to order this exclusive Back to Our Roots package.

My passion is your solution!

Emily Fritchey – The Skin Whisperer