The Essential Guide to a Beautiful Skin Foundation

“All visible changes and results for beautiful skin begin with effective skin cleansing.” – Emily

Over the years, I have been asked for advice on almost every skin condition imaginable – from cystic acne to blotchy, sun-damaged skin and inflamed, tender skin brought on by radiation and chemotherapy treatments and what’s best to use for what… No two people are alike, and the outdated approach of “cleanse, tone and moisturize” has gone the way of the dinosaur when it comes to results-oriented ingredient specific solutions. My response to questions about “what is best for my skin” is simply this: when you look into the mirror, what concerns you the most about your skin, and if you could change any one thing, what would it be?

Dead silence is the usual response because it is such a different way to think about solving the problem. This question requires careful thought, and the ability to identify what it is you most want to correct. Without doing this, people only have marketing claims of quick-fix approaches that too often lead to a revolving door of trial and error with all sorts of products presented by the media marketing skincare solutions 24/7. Where do you start, what works, what doesn’t?? What is healthy and what isn’t? Should I choose this treatment cream or that corrective serum? Oh wait – this one’s on sale and has a gift with purchase! (sound familiar?) Unless you can identify what it is you are trying to achieve in a specific way, you will never be able to make the best choices – why? We are not taught to think this way! (it’s a real game-changer when you can shift your thinking). Identifying simple things such as skin texture, color, hydration levels, and elasticity help you narrow down what it is you want to change. Then identifying the right product or treatment is not so daunting!

We cover our skin with expensive moisturizers and bypass the most important part of any skin-transforming program – cleansing!

All visible changes and results begin with effective skin cleansing. Sounds easy enough, but with busy lifestyles and a lack of understanding of its importance, we tend to minimize this foundational step in daily skincare. We cover our skins with expensive moisturizers and bypass the essential part of any skin-transforming program – cleansing. When I ask women about how they cleanse their skin, so many people tell me they use wipes. These quick-fix tools have taken the cosmetic industry by storm. Still, instead of having one handy when you’re on the go, they are replacing proper cleansing routines, leading to challenging skin imbalances that create further skin problems. It removes superficial debris at best, not addressing embedded cosmetic waxes and congested skin sebum that produces enlarged pores, coarse skin texture, and blotchy skin. The alcohol and chemical content of the liquid solutions used to make “face wipes” can also dry the skin and alter the protective pH and acid mantle of the skin.

So what should you use instead? Can cleansing with the right ingredients make that much difference? The truth is, if you cleanse your skin correctly, many skin problems clear themselves! Effective cleansing is crucial and is the foundation of all effective treatment programs. The Goal: cleanse, purify, and decongest. How? Double cleanse! Why? The results are astounding!!

Double Cleansing: The Missing Link

Research shows that American women spend an average of 15 seconds, once a day, cleansing their skin. This all too brief regimen removes surface layers of makeup, at best. Skin cells begin to build up, pores clog, and blotchiness begins to occur. Also, unless the skin thoroughly deeply cleansed, this cellular build-up prevents active skincare products from penetrating the skin to bring about the desired changes.

There are some nights we’re lucky to clean our face at all; thus, the “face wipe phenomenon.” After a full and busy day, the idea of double-cleansing can seem like a bit of a stretch. Just like you’d have to give a particularly messy dish a quick rinse before it’s loaded into the dishwasher, using a plant and oil-based pre-cleanser can serve as the bit of elbow grease that ensures our regular washing routine can get the job done.

The fact is, it takes oil to dissolve an oil – and the excreted waxy sebum from the pores gets stuck, and the pores begin to stretch and enlarge. Our double cleanse method will instantly melt your makeup, dissolve excess skin oils, remove environmental toxins, and surface debris. Thus allowing your usual daily skin cleanser to penetrate deeper and detoxify the skin much more thoroughly than ever before, often clearing the very problem you most want to resolve! Our PreCleanse & Detox has oil dissolving, anti-pollution, and detoxifying properties that dig deep into pores to soften, dissolve and lift dead skin cells, hardened oils, and plugs, environmental toxins, and debris for easy removal. All the while, infusing the skin with much-needed nourishment.

“How To” Strategy:

Without adding water, massage a generous amount of PreCleanse & Detox into the face, neck, and eye area for a full 60 seconds to effectively remove make-up and surface debris before deep cleansing your skin. Remove by wiping it off with a warm washcloth or cleansing sponges and wipe away all residue, then follow with your primary cleanser for optimal skin detoxification results.


If you’re using cleansing milk or cream, use your fingertips and massage into the skin using circular movements for at least 60 seconds and remove with soft cellulose sponges or a warm washcloth. This way, you remove all the debris and rid of surface dead skin cells – it’s like a natural, gentle exfoliation.

It is especially important to cleanse before bed. During sleep, our body is making repairs, and having clean, decongested skin is vital for the skin to be able to detoxify.


The Pre-Cleanse Step (All skin types)

Pre-Cleanse & Detox

Our PreCleanse & Detox has oil dissolving, anti-pollution, and detoxifying properties of this deep cleansing gelee’ digs deep into pores to soften, dissolve and lift dead skin cells, hardened oils, and plugs, environmental toxins, and debris for easy removal. All the while, infusing the skin with much-needed nourishment. Helps skin to really “BREATHE”… Add this unique “pre-cleanse” step to your evening cleansing routine for the cleanest skin you have ever experienced.

Normal/Combination Skin

Cleanse & Purify

Our Cleanse and Purify is an intensely refreshing skin cleanser that will stimulate micro-circulation, replenish needed minerals and vital nutrients and provide natural antioxidant benefits to protect the skin against free radical damage. Also, marine algae are mineral-rich and loaded with trace elements and crucial ingredients for clear, healthy skin.

Oily Skin, Clogged Pores, and Rough Skin Texture

Cleanse & Clear

Our Cleanse and Clear cleanses, exfoliates, and clarifies the skin without harsh detergents or chemical degreasers.  This fresh mint, water-activated cleanser minimizes large pores, brightens skin color, and smooths coarse skin texture.  Excellent to decongest clogged pores and eliminate excess oil, this cooling, refreshing cleanser leaves the skin texture feeling as smooth as glass…a very versatile product that is the best cleanser for oily skin and large pores.  

Dry, Sensitive Skin, Eczema, Itching, and Irritated

Cleanse & Calm

Our Cleanse and Calm is a mineral-rich cream cleanser that will reduce redness, repair, and strengthen sensitive, fragile, and compromised skin conditions.   So if you have dry, sensitive skin is prone to eczema, itching, and irritations that can lead to chronic inflammation or if you are undergoing chemotherapy or radiation, your immune system is suppressed and you are vulnerable to environmental stress factors, this cleanser for you!

Sensitive, Fragile and Oncology Recovery

Redness Relief Bar for Face & Body

The Redness Relief Bar reduces redness and inflammation associated with all sensitive skin conditions including, eczema, rosacea, dermatitis and candida, and yeast conditions. This beautiful bar is infused with pure Licorice Root and Lavender to soothe and calm inflamed skin tissues. Burdock Root is known for its ability to clear problem skin, and when combined with Pau’d Arco, this aromatic cleansing bar helps address sensitive skins that may be fungal. Scaly skin conditions also benefit from these healing botanicals.

Subject: The Double Cleanse

My skin testimonial…

Hi Emily!

I wanted to thank you truly for the amazing product that is Sunshine Botanicals and share my story.  I have had acne ever since I was 12, but I didn’t start to get painful cystic acne until my early 20’s.  I monitored my food: I went gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, soda-free, etc…  I have been on Proactiv, Clean and Clear, Murad, Cetaphil, organic Whole Foods brand, you name it!!!!  And nothing helped.  I gave up, assumed my acne was hormonal, and could not be stopped… Until I tried your simple cleanser.  I started with the Pre-Cleanse & Detox and the Cleanse & Purify.  The SECOND I washed and dried my face, I thought… Okay… This is amazing.  My pores felt like they shrunk, my skin felt smooth, and while I was still oily, I felt cleaner!  And that was after the first use.  I have switched over to Cleanse & Clear and use once in the morning, and once in the evening with the Pre-Cleanse & Detox.  I make sure to get all of my makeup off before I massage in Cleanse & Clear.  I was blown away by my results and wanted to share with you my skin.  To many, my “After” pictures would seem like a nightmare… But to someone who has never gone to the store without a layer of makeup, my results are amazing!!!  I cannot thank you enough… You have a customer for life.  The first is my 1-month progress; the last picture is my skin with bare makeup in natural lighting!

Thank you!!!!!