Aging, beauty, and the skin…as an ardent observer of life, people, and the beauty and wellness wonderland I have made my life’s work, I am still fascinated by how incredibly interconnected the mind and body are and how they work together. I have seen and experienced this amazing connection with women and men I meet in my skincare practice over the last three decades.

Do I really look this old?The mindset of the people I have treated has run the gamut when it comes to self-perception regarding their appearance and their skin. When it comes to aging, the impact of the reflection we see in the can be sobering. “How did this happen?” and “I can’t believe I really look this old,” clients tell me – Help!!

We live in a society that is all about quick fixes, magic bullet treatments, pills, and injections. At the end of the day, confusion reigns supreme because beauty media constantly bombards us with information 24/7, and confuses people with conflicting information that leads to bathroom drawers filled with half-empty bottles, pots, and jars of continued disappointment and wasted money on empty promises and hype.

You can have the same experienced when it comes to food, nutrition, fitness, and mental and even emotional wellbeing. Turning back the clock is not a Botox injection. Understanding that if you approach your treatment goals from a total mind-body perspective, incredible things can happen.

Microcurrent - Emily Fritchey Sunshine Botanicals In my clinic, I treat a wide variety of aging and problem skin conditions. The treatments and procedures I do (to one degree or another) alters and improves the function of underlying physiological body processes to lift and tighten sagging muscles reduce lines and wrinkles, refine surface texture and remove skin discoloration . For example, micro-current operates at the cellular level to rejuvenate and nourish your skin, nerves, muscles, blood, and lymphatic system. When using these microamps of current on the skin, it jumpstarts ATP (Adenosine triphosphate)

-which is cellular energy- by 500% with just one treatment. What that means is, when this gentle current penetrates the skin, it goes straight into the cell to jumpstart the production of cellular energy (kind of like attaching jumper cables to a dead car battery, so it comes back to life). This also stimulates endorphins, so that every time you leave a session, you look and feel totally different – and very energized.

Interesting – this is the exact thing I have been experiencing since I started Pilates. More energy, stronger muscles, improved circulation, better focus, and serious reshaping of my body. Hmmm…there is a powerful connection here! Fitness and nutrition have always been an important part of my life, and to be brutally honest, when it came to the fitness part – I rotated between Cross fit, Spin Classes, Orange Theory, and other high-intensity training routines,  always believe that each one would be better – something that would stick. Always hoping for a program that didn’t trigger my old social anxiety of being the last to finish an exercise in P.E., but still gave me that happy-tired feeling of being physically spent. I wanted energy and motivation to enter a new season of my life, a new, better version of myself. Still, every new routine and approach had me forcing myself to go, then realizing the head banging, brutal fitness routines I was choosing were the polar opposite of who I am, so forcing myself to go was the only way I would get there.  I found myself hitting snooze 6 or 7 times in the mornings, leaving the house with sheet marks still on my cheek…looking back, it was a serious sign that this was not working.

Enter Pilates…I was familiar with this discipline for some time and always associated it with the lives of beautiful, willowy dancers like the Rocketts and never gave it a moment’s thought for myself. This was an elite discipline for only a few (or so I thought).  I could not have been more wrong.

Fate led me to a chance encounter with an amazing Pilates instructor a few years ago, and she looked impossibly sleek in spandex,  and exuded calm, radiant energy. She credits, in part, to her powerful clean skincare routine, clean eating and a total body detoxification routine. Her advice on aging gracefully, perhaps unsurprisingly, starts with Pilates. This meeting forever changed how I view fitness, beauty, and the aging process.

Sunshine Botanicals Audrey Hepburn once said, "I believe that happy girls are the prettiest," Now I wake up every single day wanting to do Pilates! Never, ever am I not in the mood! I can’t wait to get into the studio! That’s a switch from hitting the snooze six times! Pilates will activate muscles you never knew you had, exactly like the techniques I use for faces!  I have been a bit in awe of what this powerful approach to fitness can actually do, and combined with my holistic approach for aging skin – the results are amazing!

Discovering Pilates is changing my life in every area, and I believe I’m even looking younger… Do you know what the best part of this is? Confidence!

Audrey Hepburn once said, “I believe that happy girls are the prettiest,” and I agree!! Women who believe in themselves and find a way to embrace both their strengths and weaknesses are the most beautiful women in the world.

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