(Beware the Ides of March!)

The weather is like the lottery... all numbers are all over the placeWhat do the numbers 81, 62, 73, 54, and 48 sound like to you? A winning number for a power ball lottery ticket?? Well, maybe. But those numbers are the changing daily temperatures from the past two weeks in Atlanta. As I traveled to Dallas, TX just this week, I left Atlanta on a spectacular summer day, with clear skies and 80 degrees, only to get off the plane in DFW to gray skies, high winds, and temps in the mid-40s! (boy, was I glad I listened to that little voice inside that said take a sweater just in case). It was clear that bi-polar weather is not just unique to Atlanta but is everywhere, it seems. “Beware the Ides of March” came to my mind as I walked off that airplane and understood why my face felt so usually dry and different over the past few days…so today I am going to review how the volatile season changes – and how it affects your skin.

All within one week… 


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During March, it is tornado season in the south and the Midwest, and predicting the weather is an absolute joke. You have to keep things on hand for whatever comes your way. If you have sensitive skin, you’re especially going to have a problem when the temperature fluctuates. 

Updating your daily skincare routine and preparing for spring is a top priority right now, and revamping your skin cleansing routine, ramping up hydration, and focusing on environmental protection take center stage.

You may find yourself dealing with a different array of skin issues brought on by warmer weather during this time. You may notice a spike in oil production and experience acne breakouts, even if you’re not a teenager! Depending upon what part of the country you are in can make the increased humidity levels an even more significant challenge for your skin. Changing your daily skin cleansing routine to include a fresh, exfoliating cleanser could be the change you need and keep skin texture clear and smooth. Our skin cleaners are legendary and explicitly formulated for specific skin conditions to ensure results. You can view our full range of healthy cleansers here and find the perfect fit for your individual needs.

 Boost Daily Sun Protection – Even if it’s Dreary Outside 

 The very fact that one day it feels like the tropics and the next day it feels like Siberia is misleading since UV rays become most powerful when this is the time of year. Ramp up UV protection, even on cold days. With our unique antioxidant formulation, skin protection is the best way to minimize the stress factor on the skin and provide additional protection and much-needed skin conditioning. Total Eclipse is the perfect combination of these that is perfect for ALL skin types.  

Kiss Keratosis Pilaris Goodbye…

How to Eliminate Rough, Dry, Bumpy Skin Keratosis pilaris (KP) is a common skin condition that results in dry, rough-feeling bumps on the skin, usually on the upper arms, thighs, cheeks, or buttocks. Many compare these tiny bumps to goosebumps or the skin of a plucked chicken, hence the term “chicken skin .” It results from a build-up of keratin, a hard protein that protects the skin from harmful substances and infections, clogs hair follicles. Although these bumps are harmless, their appearance is unsightly and can cause confidence issues. Keep reading to learn how Sunshine Botanicals’ original formulations can help reduce the appearance of keratosis pilaris and refine a coarse-textured skin and return it to a soft, healthy glow – 

The protocol I recommend for my clients to clear this condition is a simple, multi-step system used daily. The Cleanse and Clear Exfoliating Wash is a powerhouse to refine bumpy, rough skin texture for the face and body. The beauty of this product is its versatility and how effective it is on any part of the body that is coarsely textured.  Lactic Acid simultaneously hydrates and exfoliates, and Malic Acid (derived from apples) provides additional, gentle exfoliation to smooth the skin and promote cellular renewal – revealing the new radiant skin that was hiding underneath. Using this skin cleansing technique once or twice daily, followed with my Red Algae Body Serum, will transform bumpy skin with high levels of DNA repairing enzymes (Artemia Salina: plankton), mineral-rich red algae, and vital marine nutrients to penetrate deep into the epidermis to help repair dry, environmentally damaged skin and restore balanced moisture levels. This elegant hydrating cream/serum penetrates the skin immediately, provides much-needed protection from daily environmental assault, and restores balanced moisture levels with no greasy residue. Red Algae Body Serum is THE perfect daily anti-aging treatment for your whole body.

                    Top Tips to Survive the Volatile Seasonal Shifts

1.    Keep your skin hydrated and moisturized

The obvious one, but: The key here is to hydrate your skin and seal in hydration. The drier seasons will inevitably thus cause more water to escape from your skin. Still, you can help your dehydrated skin out by applying hydrating products with a potent occlusive that makes it more difficult for the water to escape in the first place. (products to highlight: Extreme Hydration Skin Butter, Cellular Renewal Mist, Cleanse, and Calm

The Elixir 1.69 oz - 50 ml

2.    Face Oils

Lipid Booster Flawless Facial Oil by Sunshine BotanicalsFace oils can be your ultimate savior during these trying times. An oil-based skincare product can support, compensate, and help add and seal hydration in your skin and further prevent the vicious cycle of dryness and dehydration.  Our Lipid Booster Flawless Facial Oil and The Elixir are perfect for this…  Lipid Booster is also natural skin care products for eczema.

Get a Shower Filter Bathing in chlorinated water makes no sense…the damage done to the skin by daily exposure exceeds the space available in this blog. Still, please know this is a major contributing factor in dry, sensitive, and stressed skin conditions. The quicker you eliminate the toxic element from your daily skincare routine, the better.

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