Autumn is my absolute favorite time of the year!! Bright sunny days, cool temperatures (and no humidity!!), and the sounds of falling leaves crunching under your feet. Chilly evenings and a warm fire give us time to get cozy and prepare for the holidays ahead. This being said, cold and flu season comes along with this, and protecting yourself and your family becomes a priority! For this reason, I wanted to share some of my favorite herbs and herbal combinations I have relied on for many years. I want to give you a “cheat sheet” that can help you navigate your way through all the options out there so you can help build your family’s immune systems and prepare for the harsh winter ahead.

A Clean Body is the Very Foundation of Good Health: 

We are focused on cleansing and detoxifying our skin, but how many of us give any thought to cleansing our gut and colon? A good colon cleanse at the change of each season is what I recommend for all my clients to jumpstart the body’s ability to absorb nutrition, supplements, and herbs better and dump undigested foods that accumulate and clog up the digestive tract. 

This being said,  Consider a boxed cleanse or create your own that is best for you:  Tiao He CleanseCleanStartCandida ClearDetox Basics (I love how brown spots go away with Detox Basics!

Also, build your immunity with products like Trigger Immune, Astragalus, and Echinacea. It’s also essential to have on hand strong infection fighters for RSV, CoVid, Flu, etc. I love Silver Shield, Olive Leaf, Immune Stimulator, VS-C, and Goldenseal. There’s Fenugreek & Thyme or Seasonal Allergy for sinus pressure for general congestion.

Here are some ideas to evaluate:

‘Tis the season to be a basket case. Or is that just me? There needs to be more time for your mental health between gifting, baking, houseguests, and holiday traditions.

So the right strategies and a few simple tips can help things go more smoothly and bring joy to your world.




  1. Take advantage of exercise. Movement releases endorphins in the brain, which can really help with mental health. Go skating, sledding, skiing, or just walking.
  2. Practice self-care. Treat yourself to a massage. Spend an hour soaking in the tub. Or indulge with some warm cocoa.
  3. Interact with loved ones and friends. If you’re lonely, mingle! Just choose who you want to be with, and don’t set yourself up for an hour with Negative Nancy.
  4. Acknowledge your feelings. You can be sad or alone. Just find a trusted friend to try to work through them instead of burying them.
  5. Shop with a budget. It’s easy to overspend if you’re not careful. And that can lead to a different kind of depression or stress in January.
  6. Love yourself. Don’t worry about what everyone else thinks. Just do your best and call it great.



Let Mother Nature’s remedies help you beat stress and overcome anxious moments.

Mood Elevator (Chinese). No time for feeling down. Our proprietary herbal blend gives natural support to relieve mild depression or low mental energy. It features healing herbs for the brain and nervous system. If a more severe problem, look at Sam-e

Nutri-Calm®Give your nervous system an extra boost to handle whatever life throws you. This superior blend of vitamins and selected herbs (including adaptogenic Schisandra fruit) promotes a sense of peace and calm. It also features valerian root, passionflower, and hops.

AnxiousLess®No matter what surprises lie around the corner, you can manage them with AnxiousLess. It helps lead you toward calm in the midst of a busy life. This clinically studied formula features Zembrin®, L-theanine, thiamine, and magnesium to offset occasional anxiousness, increase confidence, support a healthy mood and help reduce fatigue.

INSPIRE Uplifting Essential Oil BlendThis enlivening blend of Pink Grapefruit, Orange, Lemon, Spearmint, Bergamot, and other essential oils awakens the senses, uplifts, and motivates! Get up and go, and bring renewed inspiration to your day.

 Solstic® Energy and Adaptamax. These are my favorite products to keep my energy up!

Keep the jolly this season! Give healthy gifts from Nature’s Sunshine or gift certificates. Sign health lovers up to be a consultant as holiday gifts. And when you’re good, reach out and lift a friend.  There are so many product that you could benefit from I put them all together in a section “Clean Body is the Basics”.

I hope this information helps you find your solution, and I can’t wait to show you more! Follow us on FBYouTubeOur Blog, and sign up for our newsletter. Sending much love and blessings!!

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