They call me the Skin Whisperer ….

Skin. It’s my passion…no it’s my obsession.

My clients call me The Skin Whisperer….they tell me it is the only way they can explain what I do to their spa going,  product junkie, Botox loyal friends.   Since my approach to corrective skin treatment is so different and the results so immediate (without chemicals, pricey procedures or invasive treatments), they say it it’s the only way they know how to tell l people what I do – so the name stuck.  You see, I was “green” before “green” was a marketing strategy.

My experience with 3 difficult skin conditions in my teenage years was the catalyst that ultimately led to my life’s work and the opportunity to help thousands of people around the world find healthy solutions to their own skin challenges.

Conventional medicine was only able to provide drugs to treat the symptoms of my problem skin (acne, eczema and hives), but was unable to tell me “why” I had these conditions.  Even then, I knew there was a root cause for what I was experiencing and was determined to figure it out. Cause and affect – there had to be a reason for this to be happening.  Chronic inflammation, itchy and weepy skin can be traumatic and effect your self image – a lot.  Since no answers or effective treatment options were available, if  a solution existed, it was clear that it was up to me to figure it out….

Over the years, I became a detective, reading cosmetic labels like Nancy Drew searching for clues!  I left no stone uncovered and was determined to find the solution for my skin conditions – and I did.  I learned that gorgeous skin is an “inside job” – food and good nutrition is the foundation for great skin, and that matching the right ingredients to skin conditions can transform even the most difficult skin conditions quickly. Sure wish this information had been readily available to me back in the day, but then again, I would not be The Skin Whisperer….


Emily Fritchey
President and Founder
Sunshine Botanicals LLC