Summer skin survival tips ~ who doesn’t want to go make-up-free in the summer? Intense heat, high humidity, or desert dryness can do a real number on your skin, and the last thing you want to do is cake on makeup, right? Sweat means increased oil production resulting in summer breakouts, and dehydration can be a big problem for your body and skin.

My list of top skincare protocols for the hot summer months is below!

-Sun block, sun blockand more sun block. I can’t emphasize this enough! Protect your skin from the n and choose physical sun reflectors like zinc and titanium oxide to total block UV rays. Use it every day, reapply before sun exposure and often reapply while in the sun. Use a big sun hat and the special sun protective clothing – my favorite site for this is  Collibar

-Increase your fluid intake and double up on water! Increased hydration makes your skin appear much more supple. Dehydrated skin causes a dull appearance.

-Use skin repairing serums. Ingredients like comfrey root, aloe vera, purslane, and calendula will help heal environmental damage and quickly repair sun damage. These ingredients are great for repairing and hydrating the skin, and I designed our Rapid Repair Fluid to do just that. Our Vitamin C+ Moisture Fluid is a skin repairing powerhouse and provides a lightweight summer alternative to heavier skin creams.

-Exfoliate your skin more often in the summer. As I have described, the heat brings sweat and increased oil production and can contribute to congested skin. Exfoliation will help to mitigate those issues and leave your skin healthier and with a flawless glow. 

-Keep a Face Hydrating Mist with you at all times! I keep an extra in the fridge so I can experience serious, refreshing relief from intense heat and hydrate my skin simultaneously. Also, have excellent skin benefits like strengthening the skin’s outer layer and protecting against pollution. Our Hydrating Recovery Mist is like a CO2 fire extinguisher for sun and heat-stressed skin and fights bacteria and yeast that can cause many skin issues… 

-Collagen Crisis: Repeated UV exposure not only breaks down collagen fibers in the skin but also stunts new collagen synthesis, leading to sagging skin, lines, and wrinkles. Vitamin C in an ascorbic acid polypeptide is our “go-to” ingredient to treat collagen breakdown and repair skin damage.

We feel this is superior to other forms of vitamin C traditionally used in anti-aging products. In many ways, not the least, it does not have the acidic “bite” associated with traditional vitamin C serums, which can cause redness and irritation to the skin. That is fantastic news for aging skins that are also sensitive, compromised, or Rosacea prone. Our Vitamin C+ can penetrate the deeper epidermal layers of the skin to address the root cause of skin discoloration – the cellular production of melanin, and help boost collagen production. 

Eyes Suffer the Most in Summer – The delicate eye area shows damage and accelerated aging faster than any other area of your face, and sun damage causes wrinkles and swelling. Our Liquid O2 Extreme Eye Repair instantly reduces the appearance of wrinkles by 15%, and our stable form of vitamin C is 50 times more effective than ascorbic acid and has powerful skin brightening properties to treat environmental aging.  

I hope this information helps you find your solution, and I can’t wait to show you more! Follow us on FBYouTubeOur Blog, and sign up for our newsletter. Sending much love and blessings!!


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