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Post-Procedure Recovery” at Home Kit


Skin Tightening – Aftercare Recovery Kit

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About the product

Post-Procedure Recovery" at Home Kit - Your skin requires special care and very specific ingredients to accelerate healing and minimize redness and pain after a cosmetic procedure. To help ensure patients and clients get the very best results from any of these treatments, Sunshine Botanicals has created a powerful, holistic approach to a post-procedure skin recovery system.

Redness Relief Bar - 2 oz - Pure, fresh and invigorating, this deeply cleanses and purifies the epidermis and reduces redness, itching, and inflammation associated with aggressive skin procedures and problem skin. Create a super-rich lather and very gently work into the skin for at least 60 seconds, then rinse well and gently pat dry.

Hydrating Recovery Mist™ 1 oz - Instantly refreshing and soothing, this elegant skin mist is applied immediately after cleansing, before the application of daily skin serums and moisture, and immediately after sun exposure.

Rapid Repair Fluid™ 1 oz - This soothing hydrating fluid helps repair inflamed and stressed skin conditions, and provides cooling hydration for your daily skincare routine. SPECIAL NOTE: May be used 4 times a day to accelerate wound healing and/or damaged skin recovery.

Rapid Repair Balm¼ oz - Apply several  times a day to keep the skin moist and occluded following any ablative skin treatment to seriously repair and heal wounded, stressed or damaged skin. Also great for bruising.

Total Eclipse BB Cream™ ¼ oz - UV Protection, antioxidant treatment, and foundation alternative 'all in one" chemical-free finishing cream! Apply over moisturizer to protect the skin in the daytime, or use alone as an ultra-light daytime protection cream.

This kit’s creation was to change the recovery experience for anti-aging skin procedures dramatically.

Our products are completely free of parabens, petrochemicals, fragrance phthalates, and chemical preservatives. We are cruelty-free with no animal testing -ever. ! FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY


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