Plasma Skin Tightening…

Could this be the next big thing in rejuvenating skin treatments? As the search for more holistic approaches to correcting sagging skin, lines, wrinkles, and droopy eyes intensifies, exciting alternative treatments are emerging, and plasma skin tightening is gaining a LOT of attention. Because of its impressive, long-lasting results and minimal downtime, the demand for Plasma tightening treatments is exploding and becoming an effective alternative to dermal fillers and many facelift procedures. 

What is it? 

Plasma is a non-invasive modality that rivals cosmetic surgery and lasts just as long. Initially developed for medical applications, Plasma emerged as an aesthetic treatment about two years ago. In my experience, this has been a total “game-changer” in my skincare practice and in the field of anti-aging aesthetics in general, and for holistic approaches for holistic skin therapy especially. As is true with any new, highly effective anti-aging treatment, misinformation and conflicting information are found online.  

Plasma is often referred to as “the fourth state of matter,” after solid, liquid, and gas. It is created when electrostatic energy mixes with ionized gas.  When the thermal energy from a plasma device reaches around 1mm from the skin, it combines with oxygen and nitrogen in the atmosphere. It creates a plasma arc, which vaporizes upon contact with the skin. 

Doing so forces the immediate contraction of the skin tissue at the surface and causes thermal disruption within the dermis below, especially to the fibroblasts. The precision trauma we cause to the epidermis makes the skin dry superficially into tiny carbon crusts, which fall off within a few days, leaving new, rejuvenated skin at the surface. 

In 1927, Irving Langmuir- the American chemist, was exploring ionized gases (i.e., gases subjected to a strong electric field to knock out the electrons from the gaseous atom). He used the analogy of blood, with the ions being the corpuscles and the remaining gas being a clear liquid, and named the ionized state of gas as Plasma. Thus, this name prevailed. In no way is this to be confused with blood plasma. 

What Does it Do?

This modality can transform the face, neck, and hands and effectively treat loose, sagging skin anywhere on the body. You can literally erase lines and wrinkles and the “11’s” between the eyebrows. Needless to say, this is giving Botox some serious competition. It is inspiring to know you can actually ditch the chemical injections and still eliminate deep lines and wrinkles. GAME-CHANGER!

The Plaxel plasma pen is an advanced, non-invasive skin lifting and tightening deviceTreat Almost Any Area of the Face and Body

  • Upper and lower eyelids 
  • Single or double eyelids
  • Fine lines
  • Wrinkles
  • Crows feet 
  • Expression lines
  • Browlift 
  • Lip flip
  • Smoker’s lip
  • Partial facelift 
  • Full facelift 
  • Neck lift
  • Jowl lift
  • Skin tag removal 
  • Acne scarring
  • Stretch marks
  • Pigmentation
  • Scars

Plaxel Vs. Other Plasma Pens

The most significant difference between Plaxel vs. other plasma pens is that Plaxel is true Plasma. The Plaxel pen ionizes atmospheric gases to create plasma discharge, while most other pens use an electric current to put out an electric arc. Plasma heals faster and requires fewer treatments to achieve results, while electric arc pens are typically less effective and can also cause scarring. The Plaxel plasma pen directs plasma energy into the targeted skin cells and does not affect the surrounding tissue. Other pens can easily damage surrounding tissue and cause pitted scars or permanently damage the skin. 

Are There Contraindications?

As with any aesthetic-grade treatment device, there are contraindications. The technology for Plasma Skin Tightening is relatively new, and it’s likely that more will emerge as this treatment becomes more mainstream. One of the unfortunate things about Plasma is that it cannot be used on darker skins because of the risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Latino, African American, and Asian skins differ widely in color and typically are not good candidates for this treatment. Other contraindications for Plasma Skin Tightening include: 

  • Pregnancy 
  • Breastfeeding/Nursing mothers
  • Metal Implants anywhere in the body
  • Pacemakers
  • Fever, Current Infections, Covid
  • Cancer
  • All forms of hepatitis
  • Vascular/Arterial Disease
  • Blood Thinning Medications
  • Accutane, Radiation treatment, chemotherapy, or steroid medication
  • Autoimmune disorders including rheumatoid arthritis and lupus
  • Epilepsy
  • Blood Thinning Medications
  • Diabetes
  • Predisposition to Keloid Scarring

Rapid Repair Fluid 1.69 oz - 50 mlWhat is the Downtime Post-Treatment?

Recovery is considerably less than any invasive surgical treatment. Rapid Repair Fluid and Rapid Repair Balm are the ultimate healing combination to speed your skin through the recovery process when used as directed. A protective healing balm is applied post-treatment, and sun protection is an absolute must to protect the skin from UV exposure, even in winter. Daily sun protection is not optional. Total Eclipse’s micronized zinc and titanium oxide make this the perfect UV protection for fresh new skin cells without chemical toxicity or sensitivity.

Rapid Repair Balm - A potent, botanical alternative to petroleum jelly and traditional pharmaceutical skin ointments.The small brown scab dots left on the treated area will fall off in the days following your treatment. The average downtime is around a week for the swelling to go down and the dots to fall off. The new skin underneath will be fresh, healthy, and firm.

What Results Can I Expect From the Treatment?

The benefits of plasma treatment are huge. Your skin will be tighter and smoother in the areas treated, giving you an almost immediate, more youthful look, yet the total result of the treatment is not experienced until three months post-treatment. Reason? It takes that time for the fibroblast to generate that much new collagen to lift the skin fully. Every day you will watch your skin continue to change, and at the end of the three months, the full effects can be realized and evaluated. The results last approximately two years. Good aftercare, using the recommended products to aid healing and protect the skin post-treatment will help maximize the results. A targeted daily skincare routine will deliver impressive results that will continue to evolve and create beautiful skin!

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