Echinacea What teas can you use to support your immune system from the inside out? Immune system booster all-stars of the herbal world include dozens of different plants from the ubiquitous elderberry and echinacea to the less well-known Andrographis, Tulsi basil, and Reishi mushroom. Reishi is revered worldwide for its ability to support the physical and spiritual heart while heightening the immune system. In fact, any of the medicinal mushrooms such as reishi, turkey tail, chaga, maitake, or shitake, have a centuries-old reputation for promoting longevity and immunity by helping the body adapt to various stressors.Echinacea collectively and colloquially referred to as “coneflowers,” refers to a genus of herbaceous, perennial flowering plants endemic to eastern and central North America. The genus comprises nine different species, each of which is distinguishable by a spiny, bulbous pistil and slender “quill petals” that can either be white, pale pink, or yellowish in color. Extracts from this flower are known for their medicinal properties, particularly antimicrobial, antiviral, and possibly an antibiotic. Clinical evidence points to Echinacea as a potent therapeutic agent against various respiratory viruses, from the common cold to avian and swine-origin influenza virus.

EchinaceaIn a 2009 study published by Virology, researchers examined the efficacy of a standardized extract from Echinacea in combating the H1N1 strain of swine influenza. Results yielded that H1N1-type, pathogenic avian, and swine-origin influenza were inhibited when introduced to Echinacea Purpurea in vitro. Specifically, the Echinacea extract impacted the receptor binding mechanism of the viruses, meaning it helped prevent viral entry into cells.

Pharmaceuticals published a 2011 study that revealed that Echinacea extract is also effective against the herpes simplex virus, respiratory syncytial virus, and rhinoviruses.

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