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Behold the Healing Power of Nature. Tincture of fresh Teasel Root—Dipsacus fullonum—1 oz. and 4 oz bottles. An exclusive hand-made formula for traditional use from Rare & Babbit Herbes & Essences. Source: Fresh roots—organically grown. Base: Grain-neutral spirits and distilled water (40% alcohol by volume). NO MEDICINAL CLAIMS ARE MADE.

Overview –  Diaphoretic / Diuretic / Antiphlogistic Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients: iridoids, saponins, derivates of coffeic acid, potash salt, inulin, bitters, and the glycoside scabiodise Known Use: Widely used in the treatment of Lyme Disease. – warms the cells and muscles, inviting Lyme Disease bacteria into the bloodstream for the immune system to do its work – addresses chronic inflammation of the muscles as an anti-inflammatory for “Lyme arthritis” – general analgesic for pain – works as a stimulant similar to caffeine to alleviate feelings of lethargy

Usage –  Teasel Root is most known for its use in treating Lyme Disease. It is also used as a stomach aid, an analgesic for pain relief, an anti-inflammatory, and a stimulant for the nervous system. It is effective for chronic inflammation of the muscles, one of the major symptoms caused by the bacterial infection of Lyme Disease. Teasel Root is widely used in conjunction with antibiotics as well as other phytochemicals to treat Lyme Disease for its ability to pull the bacteria from muscle tissue (which antibiotics and the immune system cannot reach) into the bloodstream so that the immune system can do its work. Known Dosage (for Adults) General Dosage: 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon in warm water Lyme Disease: Dosage recommendations vary. Consult educated healthcare providers along with educational resources. According to long-time herbalist and author Matthew Wood, M.S., his homeopathy-oriented view proposes that the tincture is given as “information” for the organism, and for this reason, his dosage suggestion is quite low: 3 drops, 3 times a day. [ref: p.177] Borrelia spirochete activity peaks every month or twenty-eight days, and the duration of dosage should thus be at least one month, then gradually decreasing the dosage over the next weeks. [ref: p.179] How Teasel Root Works: Borrelia, the Lyme bacteria, is a spirochete bacteria. Its body is spiral-shaped and designed to drill into tissue such as joints, organs, and even bones. While buried within the tissue of our bodies, the spirochetes are cleverly concealed and out of reach from antibiotics and the immune system, much like in a biofilm or cyst form. Teasel Root is used for its ability to pull the bacteria from tissue and into the bloodstream, exposing it to antibiotics and the immune system. Teasel Root works in conjunction with antibiotics, biofilm dissolvers, and cyst buster for maximum effectiveness. [www.tiredoflyme.com/teasel-root.html]

Precautions In the event that Lyme Disease is affecting your heart, be sure to have competent medical care to monitor these conditions. Teasel exerts influence over the nervous system, resulting in a feeling of comfort and exhilaration. However, taking large doses of teasel may cause wakefulness and nervousness. Because Teasel invites the Lyme bacteria into the bloodstream, where the body can then detox and the immune system can go to work, you may experience undesirable effects during treatment, known as a Herx reaction. If you are taking the prescription drug Flagyl, which is commonly used by patients with Lyme disease, you should not consume any alcohol. This teasel tincture has been made with a menstruum containing alcohol. Flagyl and alcohol should never be taken together.

Reference  “Healing Lyme Disease Naturally” by Wolf D Storl with foreword by Matthew Wood. North Atlantic Books; 1 edition (April 27, 2010) Tired of Lyme www.tiredoflyme.com/teasel-root.html

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