Practical Herbalism


Practical Herbalism is authoritative in its research and extensive in its scope. Dr. Fritchey simplifies and demystifies herbal medicine to assist those who want to expand their health options.

Course: SNH170
Author: Philip Fritchey, MH, ND, CNHP
ISBN: 1-885653-22-0



Practical Herbalism has been printed 7 times and is poised to become a go-to reference for both experienced herbalists and newcomers to natural health. Dr. Philip Fritchey, co-founder of Sunshine Botanicals, draws from almost two decades of personal experience, observation, and research to introduce you to the healing power of nature. He takes you on a journey from the “ancient roots” of herbal medicine to modern science, starting with the evolution of this practice.

Practical Herbalism is a comprehensive resource that provides authoritative research on medicinal plants. It is an extensive guide that will equip you with foundational knowledge to identify medicinal plants in your community and guide you on how to use them. This knowledge is empowering because it gives you control over your health options, which can be taken away. With this guide, you will have the knowledge you need to take care of yourself and your family, no matter what the future holds.


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