The skin absorbs 60-70% of what is put on it so it makes a fantastic channel for herbs like comfrey, birch, calendula, and Oregon grape to work their healing magic. Comfrey is what it sounds like: a comforter – especially when it comes to the skin. Reducing inflammation, boosting skin cell production, and healing scar tissue, comfrey is an all-round skin panacea. Regular use of comfrey increases skin flexibility and elasticity while also softening and toning, a surefire way to maintain skin immunity.

Birch bark extract, derived from the beautiful outer ‘skin’ of the birch tree itself, contains wintergreen essential oil, a proven anti-inflammatory with an intoxicating fragrance. This lovely silvery bark offers our skin the same protection and polish it offers the birches which produce it. It promotes a finish and glow on the delicate and gorgeous outer layer that is the healthy dermis.

Calendula is the desert-island skin herb. As in, if you were stuck on a desert island with only one skincare ingredient, what would it be? Calendula, every time. An enemy of inflammation, scarring, redness, and dryness or patchiness, calendula provides a powerful, yet gentle, barrier of protection against outside influences on sensitive skin.

Oregon grape root is not a grape at all but a spiny-leafed bush which promotes clear, vibrant skin through the channel of the liver and elimination systems of the body. Tender enough for daily detox but vital enough to strengthen the liver, which in turn creates amazing skin tone, Oregon grape root is a must-have immunity ingredient.

*Oil-Free Moisture Fluid
*Daily Rejuvenation Serum (apply before moisturizer or sunblock)
*Post Procedure Recovery Fluid
*After Shave for Men
*Post Sun Repair

What Is It?
A light, oil-free healing and hydrating fluid for all skin types.

What is it Formulated to Do?
Rapid Repair Fluid is a virtual arsenal of skin-repairing ingredients specifically formulated to treat the needs of sensitive, problem, and environmentally damaged skin conditions. This multifunctional serum is especially indicated for bruises and helps heal skins that are recovering and compromised from radiation and chemotherapy treatments. Cool, fresh and oil-free, this soothing serum may also be used as a daily hydrating fluid to help restore the skins natural barrier function and help fight breakouts and irritations. Rapid Repair Fluid contains high levels of betulinic acid (white birch bark) – one of nature’s most potent and well researched natural ingredients to fight melanoma and help repair severe UV damage, making this soothing skin serum perfect for ALL skin types.

DIRECTIONS: Apply a thin, even layer to clean skin twice daily. May be applied 4x daily for acute conditions and bruising.

INGREDIENTS: Whole leaf aloe vera gel, compound tincture of symphytum officinale, calendula officinalis & mahonia aquifolium (oregon grape root), betula alba extract (birch bark), vegetable glycerine, algin, essential oils, tincture of benzoin.