Consult With The Skin Whisperer

I am so honored that you are interested in working one-on-one with me to address your skincare concerns and questions. There’s so much we can do together – whether it’s reviewing your existing routine, addressing problem areas or concerns, recommending specific products and protocols for your skin, or just to talk skincare!

I know “skin care” can be confusing. There’s so much conflicting information available on the internet. Every time you go to the department store, pharmacy or grocery store there are new products, each touting the same miracle results. And our skin is constantly changing, so what worked for 20 years may not work for you now! That’s why the Skin Whisperer is here – to offer private consultations to address your concerns! Take a look at what you can expect from a Work With Emily consultation – I am so excited you’re here!

Emily Fritchey

Emily Fritchey is the founder and CEO of Sunshine Botanicals. Emily is known throughout the industry as The Skin Whisperer – a title granted to her by the literal thousands of women who have worked with personally and through her holistic skincare line, Sunshine Botanicals. Emily started her journey as an aesthetician many decades ago – long before the days of social media, “green beauty” and the skincare landscape we know today. When Emily started, the best skincare available was found in department stores and high-end spas. Emily, however, found her inspiration away from the perfume aisles and cost-prohibitive healing experiences. Emily became a forerunner in the field of holistic, plant-based products and the sheer power of nature.

Today, Emily maintains her skincare practice in Georgia, and is dedicated to bringing Sunshine Botanicals to as many faces as possible. By working with Emily, you’re choosing to an expertly-crafted skincare routine created just for you. You’re choosing superior products that are powered by Mother Nature. And you’re choosing to maintain, improve and enjoy your gorgeous skin, now and forever.

Whether your concerns are problem areas, changing skin (due to aging or hormonal shifts), autoimmune disease, skin-under-duress (such as environmental changes or medical treatments), or just plain wanting to perfect your skincare routine, the Skin Whisperer is here to help!

When you work with Emily…

  • We’ll work one-on-one to address your skin concerns! For 30 minutes, we’ll chat by phone to address any questions, problem areas or red-flags that are top of mind.
  • We’ll discuss your current skincare regimen! Let’s talk about the products you’re currently using, what you like and don’t like, and how your established routine can be adjusted slightly to benefit your skin
  • We’ll dive deep into the skincare process! Let’s perfect your habits, not just your products!
  • Let’s set some expectations! You’ve been lied to enough by the skincare industry. Let’s cover how your skin will change so you can know what to expect.
  • Give you the personal attention you and your skin deserve, in order to begin your skin transformation.

Working with Emily costs $100 for a 30-minute consultation.

Along with your consultation, we are delighted to share:

  • A code for $25 off your next purchase of $100 or more with Sunshine Botanicals
  • Emily’s 6 Steps To Perfect Cleansing – a cheat sheet to keep your skin spotless (a $15 value)
  • A Great Gut Protocol – Emily’s guide to mastering the microbiome-to-skin connection (a $15 value)
  • Emily’s “No Fly Zone” – The list of skincare ingredients to avoid at all costs (a $15 value)