Vitamin B-6 Niacinimide

BioPeptide Brightening Serum is potent, multi-tasking, and offers impressive results in overall skin quality – quickly. This potent serum delivers advanced protection and repair of photoaging. The high levels of Niacinimide (vitamin B-3) targets hyper-pigmentation and wrinkles caused by environmental exposure and sun damage for serious chemical-free skin lightening. Niacinamide also reduces wrinkle formation and increases skin hydration by reducing transepidermal water loss (TEWL) from the skin. Circulation is much improved and restores a healthy glow making this an ideal treatment for smoker’s skin and sallow complexions. BioPeptide Brightening Serum in infuse with horse chestnut extract, which strengthens capillaries and acts as an antioxidant to inhibit collagen and elastin destruction. A 20% concentration of l- ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and peptides round out this anti-aging powerhouse to stimulate collagen production, increase skin firmness, and repair wrinkles. The result is more resilient, luminous, younger-looking skin.