Sunshine Botanicals and World Gym join forces to bring you an exciting new program: Personal Training – For Your Face!

I can hardly believe the holidays are already here! This year has just flown by, and the holiday hustle and bustle is about to kick into high gear. This month has gone by so fast, so I’m trying to soak in every moment because this is also my favorite time of the year. Sharing special moments and memories with friends and family reigns supreme, however, as great as all of those things are, with them comes the inevitable monster of stress. Whether you’re dealing with delayed flights, nagging in-laws or long lines for Black Friday sales, the holiday season can really wear on you.

 Stress is directly tied to your body’s chemical and hormonal responses

Stress causes your body to produce cortisol and other hormones, which results in breakouts and weight gain, just to mention a few things that add more stress. Ugh! Dark circles, under eye bags (um, sleep deprived?) and the list goes on, doesn’t it? With this in mind, I am super excited to tell you that I have teamed up with World Gym in Peachtree City, Georgia to introduce my original, holistic approach to the effective treatment of these issues as well as aging and problem skin conditions to bring you something totally out of the box – “Personal Training – For Your Face”.

“We all know how effective a good workout can be to reduce stress and increase our energy levels, right? Not to mention tight, toned muscles, improved circulation, better brain function and slowing down the aging process. Well, just think about this for a minute… what if you could send your face to the gym?” – Emily

Workouts are pretty much from the neck down. That kind of leaves your face (the one part of your body that never wears clothes) up for grabs

Sagging facial muscles, skin that has lost its “glow,” sun damage, discoloration and chronic inflammation are just a few of the frustrations that many men and women face daily. The overwhelming and conflicting information presented by the media only adds to the confusion about which way to go, what to do, what works and what doesn’t, which products are good and which one are “bad.” Geez…like you have time to figure all that out! Sadly, this approach to making decisions about the face you present to the world every day all too often leads to a revolving door of trial and error in the never ending quest for clear, firm, healthy skin.

 Nutrition, wellness and fitness are symbiotic and the same principals apply to your skin

Sugar, processed “foods,” chemicals, pesticides, artificial colors, gluten and synthetic ingredients are things we look out for on nutrition labels to avoid the harmful effects they have on our bodies. They damage our tissues, accelerate the aging process, poison our bodies and create disease and are totally counterproductive to any conscious wellness plan. So why should your face be any different? Interestingly, when it comes to a treatment approach to correct aging and environmental skin damage, the quick fix approach of injections, Botox, lasers, surgery and chemically laden, synthetically derived topical treatments are our “go to” solutions for our faces. It makes no sense – treating your face totally opposite of how your feed and care for your body. “Personal Training for Your Face” combines healthy botanical ingredients (skin food) with some very impressive healing technologies to effectively correct skin texture, color and elasticity and reverse aging and environmental damage.

My question to you is this: when you look in the mirror, what concerns you the most about your skin and if you could change any one thing, what would it be?

Live demonstrations, plenty of Q&A, and an opportunity for 15 people to get a one-on-one personalized skin consultation! We will also be having a drawing for a complimentary spa service package at our beautiful Senoia location

I’m extending a personal invitation for you to join me at the skin event of the season on December 14th at World Gym in Peachtree City. Observe the treatments and get the facts! There will be live demonstrations, plenty of Q&A, and an opportunity for 15 people to get a one-on-one personalized skin consultation! We will also be having a drawing for a complimentary spa service package at our beautiful Senoia location. The season is upon us, so now is the time to “get your face to the gym” and look amazing for all your holiday events! Stay tuned for some exciting stories of transformation to come!

Happy Holidays!



“The Skin Whisperer