Ingredient of the week - Malic Acid from Apples

So what’s the solution? Surprisingly, there are several ways to refine skin texture without damaging the skin AND improve the skin’s hydration levels. My ingredient of choice is malic acid, derived from apples. This fruit extract is also a humectant and helps with moisture retention to help your skin stay hydrated. I chose this specific AHA as the foundation of our Cleanse and Clear specifically to create an effective texture refining cleanser. Malic acid also helps balance the pH of the formula making this gentle and not highly acidic on the skin. If your skin’s pH level is balanced, then your skin’s protective barrier will not be damaged and will be less prone to breakouts and acne. If your skin is acne-prone, the skin’s pores get clogged with too many dead skin cells and the skin’s natural oil (sebum), blackheads can form. Bacterial infections can also develop and cause breakouts.

Malic acid breaks down the “glue” (sebum) that holds the dead skin cells together on the outer layer of the skin, leading to a buildup and coarse texture. When you sweep away the dead skin cells, your skin natural glow begins to return. As you decongest your pores, it helps reduce the formation of acne bumps and the discoloration that’s often associated with acne and helps brighten skin discoloration, making Cleanse and Clear an essential part of the correction of aging and sun-damaged skin.