Emily Fritchey - Plugging into the Power of Nature:

Emily Fritchey – Plugging into the Power of Nature: How to Forest Bathe

One easy way to ground into the practice of forest bathing is to do a simple walking meditation in nature. Pick a quiet path or wooded trail and bring yourself into your body. By keeping your eyes open, allow yourself to slowly go to an intentional space and take several deep breaths into your lower belly, exhaling each one in a measured, deliberate way until your chest is empty of air. Just three deep breaths can have the effect of resetting the conscious mind.

If you like, you can try repeating an internal mantra on the exhale. “I am at peace” is a simple calming phrase that works well for forest bathing. Remember, there are many varied ways to practice forest bathing. From taking a journal into the woods and writing you’re feelings of gratitude and or sitting on a bench or with your back against a tree, doing a guided meditation or breathwork.