American Made Beauty Verified

Sunshine Botanicals – Certified by American Made Beauty

What do the American Made Beauty verified seals mean?
All brands that apply to American Made Beauty must meet these standards:

Started and HQ in the U.S.
100% of staff is in the U.S. for brands under $5 Million and no more than 40% of staff is outside of the U.S. for companies with $5 Million or more.
If the brand is a product it must be made in a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) compliant manufacturing facility. If the brand is a service the services are performed in the U.S.
The product labeling must meet FDA packaging requirements.
Any claims made must meet FDA and Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requirements for substantiation.
Online stores must show ingredient list before consumer makes a purchase.
Until now there has not been a third party to verify that these standards are being met by brands that make a made in US claim. American Made Beauty offers that service. All brands then qualify for one of two verification seals: Manufactured in USA or Made in USA:
I take the phrase “Made in America” VERY seriously and have taken the steps necessary to validate this claim. Sunshine Botanicals has earned the “American Made Beauty Seal of Approval” and has been third-party verified and certified to back up this claim. Consumers have become jaded in a world filled with marketing hype and promotional noise, and very few know who or what to believe anymore. We believe trust is something you EARN – not something you buy.