Discovering the incredible healing power of nature transformed my aesthetics practice decades ago, and began a lifelong journey of adventure and discovery that transformed my own life, and the lives of thousands of women since. That’s why they call me “The Skin Whisperer”.

Consumers are bombarded 24/7 with anti-aging and skincare information – infomercials, the internet, magazines, Sephora, and department stores all offering “green” beauty products, tools and devices designed to “fix” skin problems. This has created information overload for most people. This approach leads to half-empty bottles, pots, and jars that fill bathroom drawers and creates a revolving door of trial and error skin treatments. How are you to know what to choose? What’s hot this month? What does Dr. Oz say?? It’s no wonder we usually stay with the status quo – trial and error is expensive!

Understanding the science of plant medicine has made it crystal clear to me that amazing, alternative ingredients were abundantly available in nature to effectively treat common skin disorders and repair the destructive effects of environmental damage, aging and problem skin conditions. What makes the work I do so different is – I match ingredients to skin condition to achieve the results intended. My love of adventure and passion for discovery has come together in my search for unique and effective ingredients to create effective, ultra-pure skincare products. What I learn along the way is what I bring back to you here. Simply put, this blog is all about the information that you need to improve your skin…and maybe even your life…all weaved into a fun and amazing weekly road trip adventure!

So join the fun “on the road” as I bring you exciting and educational insights into your skin, botanicals, naturopathic medicine and a holistic view of life on our planet.

Hit the Road with “The Skin Whisperer” – join us, won’t you? Hope to see you here.

Emily Fritchey
President and Founder
Sunshine Botanicals LLC

Skin Care Designed for Cancer Patients

Skin Care Designed for Cancer Patients

Cancer is a scary word. And it comes with other scary words: chemotherapy, radiation, oncology... these words are clinical, scientific, and loaded. A cancer diagnosis is often the worst moment of someone’s life. There’s the fear of an uncertain prognosis, the worry...


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