The Daily Glow Dual Active Face & Body Polish and Red Algae Body Serum

The Daily Glow
Dual Active Face & Body Polish
4 oz.

*Restores Healthy Glow
*Gently Refines Skin Texture
*Instant Moisture Surge

What Is It?

Just imagine – a powerful skin polish that will refine and clarify skin texture (even scaly skin) without ANY irritation! Even the most sensitive, dry and fragile skins will love this gentle, clarifying scrub. This beautiful formula is a multi-tasking skin treatment… it is both an effective exfoliator AND a nourishing moisture mask – all in one. Premium ingredients that include oat beta-glucan (a natural oat protein) are carefully blended to create this luxurious, chemical free skin polish that instantly restores a beautiful glow to the skin.

What Is It Formulated To Do?

Microscopic granules provide gentle exfoliating action- while the ultra-creamy cleansing base gently lifts dead cells and dissolves daily grime. Use daily as a secret weapon to keep skin looking smooth, healthy and glowing. This gentle skin polish contains oat beta glucan, steam distilled rose flower oil and ylang-ylang to promote cell turnover and hydrolyzed oat protein which has been clinically proven to increase hydration, calm inflammation, and smooth fine lines and wrinkles. Oat beta-glucan is capable of both penetrating deep and delivering significant skin benefits – primarily enhancing collagen production and reducing inflammation. Organic jojoba wax beads and natural plant enzymes work together with these skin-nourishing ingredients to exfoliate dead surface skin cells and whisk away loosened sebum to reveal smoother, clearer skin.

Red Algae Body Serum
*Nourishing Hydration
*Refines Skin Texture
*Hyaluronic Acid Infusion
*Repairs Environmental Damage

What Is It?
A luxurious, intensely nourishing, skin refining, anti-aging cream/serum used to restore soft, supple skin.

What is it Formulated to Do?
This deeply nourishing skin repair cream/serum delivers high levels of DNA repairing enzymes (Artemia Salina: plankton), mineral-rich red algae, and vital marine nutrients, to penetrate deep into the epidermis to help repair dry, environmentally damaged skin and restore balanced moisture levels. This elegant hydrating cream/serum penetrates the skin immediately and provides much-needed protection from daily environmental assault and restores balanced moisture levels with no greasy residue. Red Algae Body Serum is THE perfect daily anti-aging treatment for your whole body.