Escape, unplug and reconnect with nature for 2 glorious days that will transform the way you think about health care options, and cosmetic ingredients forever…


Sunshine Botanicals invites you to join us for a behind-the-scenes look into the beautiful, lost art of making herbal medicine and natural skin care.  The principals and techniques that go into our original, hand crafted skin care collections can be seen at the “2016 Herbal Medicine Makers Boot Camp” at beautiful Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain Georgia on May 21st and 22nd.

Sunshine Botanicals was born out of the combined passions of my holistic approach to corrective skin care and my husband, Dr. Philip Fritchey – a gifted, old school master herbalist, author, Naturopath and nationally renowned teacher of herbal medicine.  This is a rare event to experience the “roots” of our brand, and learn vital skills and information form a truly gifted herbalist.  You will NEVER look at “natural” skin care products the same way again…talk about empowerment!

During this fascinating two day Boot Camp intensive, you will have the opportunity to walk alongside Dr. Phil as he takes you on a fascinating herb walk through an enchanted forest (ooooh…peaceful and relaxing doesn’t even begin to describe it!), where you will be introduced to medicinal plants growing in the wild and understand how to safely use them for healing and skin care benefits.  The fact is simply this – we trip over more medicine in own front yards on our way to hop in our cars to head to the drug store to by meds for common conditions like poison ivy, wounds, burns, bruises, and digestive disorders.  How cool would it be to know how treat these conditions naturally – and FREE?  That’s exactly what you will learn in this fun, outdoor weekend event!  Oh, and did I mention he will also teach you how to craft your own custom skin care blends – potent salves, ointments, nourishing skin elixirs and maybe a serum or two?  You will definitely want to bring a girlfriend so you can create magic in Dr. Phil’s herbal medicine making classroom!  Get the event agenda and details here:


Why is this event so important for consumers and skin care professionals?  To be an informed, educated consumer!  You have to get the facts in order to achieve your goals!  In today’s billion dollar “green beauty” marketplace, it is important to know that all natural products are not created equally, and the specific ingredients and manufacturing methods used to create a product determine the overall efficacy of that formula, and can vary widely in strength.  For example, each manufacturer has its own method of extracting plant medicine and has its own unique distillation methods.  While these methods may not make a difference to consumers, it should.  The number of different extraction methods illustrates the contrasting philosophies pulling at the ends of contemporary herbal medicine.  One supports the highly scientific method of standardization, which involves measuring and extracting specific compounds believed to be responsible for the herbs’ medicinal effects.  The other is the traditional “whole herb” school of thought, which asserts that all of a plant’s compounds contribute to its ability to heal and protect health, and plucking out one or a few compounds means losing that synergy.  Sunshine Botanicals uses the whole plant extraction method, and this is part of what you will learn in this two day intensive program.  Developing effective, potent botanical skin care is both a science – and art.  When a skilled craftsman applies effective extraction techniques to high quality plant material (filled with life force energy), the finished formula can be profound and every bit as effective for treatment of specific skin conditions as the latest, greatest – most razzle dazzle “chemical soup” that ever came out of a laboratory…don’t miss this opportunity to join Dr. Phil and learn.  What you will learn will last a lifetime…

Dr. Philip Fritchey, MH, ND, CNHP – *Creator of the Herbal Medicine Makers Boot Camp, Master Herbalist, Author, Teacher of Herbal Medicine, Creator of the Herbal Medicine Makers Boot Camp, Compounder and originator of Sunshine Botanicals herbal blends, extracts and Rapid Repair Collection







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