The Great Escape – Herbal Medicine Maker’s Boot Camp

The Great Escape – Herbal Medicine Maker’s Boot Camp

Escape, unplug and reconnect with nature for 2 glorious days that will transform the way you think about health care options, and cosmetic ingredients forever…

My husband, Dr. Philip Fritchey, (a gifted herbalist) and I invite you to join us for a behind-the-scenes look into the beautiful, lost art of making herbal medicine and how this valuable information applies to both health care choices and cosmetic ingredients at our “2015 Herbal Medicine Maker’s Boot Camp” at beautiful Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain Georgia May 30th and 31st.

Dr. PhilRapidRepairDr. Philip introduced me to comfrey, plantain and oregon grape root in the form of a powerful skin healing solution that began my journey into the study of natural medicine years ago that ultimately became our signature skin healing serum – Rapid Repair Fluid. Dr. Philip was introduced to natural medicine by his grandmother at a very early age, and what he learned from her established roots deep within him that became his life long passion that continues to this day.

Dr. Philip is an herbalist, Naturopath, published author, dynamic teacher and natural products compounder. His techniques for extracting the medicinal properties from a wide variety of plants, herbs and roots provide the power behind our brand…


Follow as the herbal magic unfolds on the annual Herbal Medicine Maker’s Boot Camp, here “On the Road with the Skin Whisperer”.